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Zethora Nexus is an Alderaan working at URF

History of ZethoraEdit


Zethora was born in Alderaan and at the age of 6 her father Clide Nexus went to war and never came back home.Her mum Sandy Nexus could not ignore the fact a couple of weeks later so committed suicide right in front of Zethora.She walked through the streets trying to find help. After she thought all hope was lost a man called Flinder recognized her. He told her that he will look after her.


Father Clide Nexus who died at a prison camp, Mother Sandy Nexus who ended up suiciding, 2 sisters she never knew. Now having a family. Also her guardian Flinder. Zethora finally got married and now has 1 baby girl.

Training and A JobEdit

Over the years he taught her how to pilot Space craft and use firearms. When she was 14 Flinder told her that he fought along with her father and told her that the enemy did a raid on the camp, catching 103 people her father was one of them.When Zethora completed her training at the age of 17 she set off to the planet Kashyk where the prisoners were brought.She got in to the CIS base and found out by one of her fathers friends that was still in prison that Clide had died ages ago from attempting to escape. She broke out as many comrades as she could.They got back safely and got rewarded.

Trade FederationEdit

Zethora was on the planet Thyferra when she had been giving a message to join the Trade Federation. She was looking for a job and thought this may of been the right time to join. She was contacted and was accepted into it. Couple of weeks later she was given a test. She failed and was fed up with the TF. She left peacefully and continued as a freelancer for the day looking for more jobs.

Black SunEdit

Zethora received another message but this time from the 'Black Sun'. She liked the sounds of it and signed up in a Battle Grou , Promotion has already came her way. Leaving there twice already she decided to move on.


Zethora' non blood related sister Talia Trigranes made a new faction with her husband. With the offer to make a new start she has joined the URF.


Zethora has a large variety of weapons and her choice of the weapons out of all of them would have to be her DD6's and ELG-3A's. Although they are almost identical Zethora finds them useful in all kinds of situations.


The very first ship she has flown was a YT-1300. She owns a Ginivex-class Starfighter 'Pitch Red', YT 1300 'White Comet'.

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