Zavior Davik
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Date of birth

Year -39, Day 37

Physical description





6 ft 6 in

Hair color

Dyed Blue

Eye color


Political information

Zavior Davik, son of the late Tyler Davik, is member of the New Imperial Order and is the former Ministers of Engineering and State in the Falleen Federation.

Early life Edit

Son of Alexia and Tyler Davik, Zavior was born into the Huruk-Rah clan of the second royal line. Zavior went through extreme schooling by order of his father. After 25 years of intense studies, he set off to wander the galaxy to view the corruption that fueled the galaxy, mainly that of the Galactic Republic that held double standards on most things. Zavior then continued to wander the galaxy stopping at some planets for time.

Formation of the FederationEdit

Not far into the future the Galactic Republic was abruptly reorganized into the Galactic Empire. Several years later, Falleen Prime had declared independence of the Empire with Tholin leading a united Falleen race under the Falleen Federation banner against the Imperial threat. Zavior watched on as his father joined the Navy to fight off the Imperials.

Career SummaryEdit

Falleen FederationEdit

  • Acting Lieutenant in the Navy
  • Minister of Engineering
  • Minister of the Interior
  • Minister of State

New Imperial OrderEdit

  • 2nd Legion, 2nd Brigade CO

BlasTech CorporationEdit

  • High Ambassador
  • Superintendent of the Academy
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