Zabrak is a humanoid species that was originally from Iridonia. Most easily recognized by the vestigial horns they grow at puberty, the Zabrak are a race with a strong will. Traditionally, Zabrak are covered in tattoos signifying their colony, clan, and sometimes even their personality. The Zabrak have two hearts which pump blood throughout their bodies. This can becomes extremely dangerous as if one heart was to miss a beat the two muscles would work against each other, killing the Zabrak. The Zabrak were one of the first space-faring races, and like humans have several large colonies. Since ancient times, the Zabrak have been closely related to the Sith, acting as mercenaries for them. Sith influence on the colony of Iridonia continues today as many of the Zabrak their practice the Sith faith as their main religion.

Notable Zabrak Edit

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