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New Anzat Order, Fernandin Scouting Exploration

Yarbles was a notable leader of the New Anzat Order circa Year 3 and is often credited with reviving the latter government following a period of corrupt administrators.


In the early years of the New Anzat Order, a series of selfish administrators ruled over the government with an iron fist. These administrators did not care for the welfare of their Anzati constituents and abused their positions of authority by frequently liquidating ships, vehicles and even cities for personal gain.

Angered by this incessant abuse of power, General Yarbles — the Commander-in-Chief of the New Anzat Order Army — led what is now called "the Panaceas Revolution." This revolt lasted one week and culminated with the expulsion of the tyrannical administrator, Vyk Drago.

Upon seizing power, Yarbles declared himself the "Minister of the New Anzat Order" and established the collectivist ideology which would long hold sway over the faction. He rebuilt the Anzat Navy and initiated a housing project for those refugees displaced during the revolution. He also began the laborious process of developing the weak economy of the New Anzat Order.

On Year 3 Day 172, Yarbles visited the planet of Bastion and signed a controversial friendship treaty with Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire. The treaty affirmed the sovereignty of both governments and greatly offended the Rebel Alliance. However, Yarbles claimed the relationship between the Rebel Alliance and the New Anzat Order had been strained since he assumed power. Allegedly, the Alliance had previously threatened to attack the New Anzat Order when Cyrus was leader.[1]

Following the initial success of his reign, Yarbles informed his personal assistant and bodyguard Malakai Brooks that he would not continue to serve as leader. Yarbles demanded that Malakai rise to the position as Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order. Shortly thereafter, Yarbles fled Anzat and disappeared into a nearby sun.

Following the death of Yarbles, Malakai Brooks became leader of the New Anzat Order.


Contrary to popular belief and the current mythology of the New Anzat Order, Yarbles was not a member of the Anzati species but a pale-skinned Twi'lek. Nevertheless, following his ascension as Minister, Yarbles became attached to the Anzati way of life.

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