The YT-510 is a popular personal transport used by many freelancers and factions alike to get small amounts of people from place to place quickly, thanks to its incredible hyperdrive and sublight engines. Another member of the continuing and popular YT-series of freighters, the 510 boasts better speed over all of the other ships in the series for the cost of much lower cargo capacity.


As previously mentioned, the YT-510 is an incredibly fast ship, but with some quite major drawbacks.

Navigational Specifications:Edit

  • Hyperspeed: 7
  • Sublight Speed: 100 MGLT
  • Maximum Speed: 1000 km/h
  • Maneuverability: 5.00

From the above, you can see that a 510 is superior in speed to almost all other ships in the galaxy, and would be quite common in the more populated sectors. However, as it is unarmed, it is quite susceptible to pirates and would have to rely on pure speed alone for passengers to survive for long when under attack. Also, due to the low number of people that could fit aboard, if it were boarded the passengers wouldn't last long under fire from even a single person.

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