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CP System

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YT Series




Light Freighter

Technical specifications

35 meters



Hyperdrive rating



The YT-1210 is a common freighter of the Combine galaxy. This ship is available through the SWC CP system, or for sale on a regular basis at Centerpoint and other markets.

The YT-1210 was a Corellian Engineering Corporation light freighter that was a predecessor to the YT-1300. The YT-1210 has the familiar saucer-shaped hull, but lacked the forward mandibles of the YT-1300. This craft measured some 35 meters in length, and the cockpit could be situated on either the left or right side.

Powered by the same CEC NovaQuad-D system propulsion system experimented with in the earlier Barloz-class models, the YT-1210 is of a lighter design and thus significantly faster than it's predecessor. Though it's sublight engines are not entirely as effective as on the 1300 series, the model is equipped with an extensive sensor package rare for this kind of civilian ship.

The stock YT-1210 series is still very much a freighter, with minimal armament. It could carry up to 100 metric tons of cargo, and was armed only with a single laser cannon. However, the YT-1210 was very susceptible to pirate attacks. So it was decided that the sensors and cargo space would be reduced to make room for extra weapons and more sublight speed.

The ship also had a small cabin for the captain, and it came equipped with a small refresher station. The basic crew consisted of a pilot and a gunner and users of this craft included civilians and smugglers.

Unfortunately, this highly capable freighter had a shortened production run once sales of the YT-1300 took off. Its initial price tag was more expensive than that of the YT-1300 causing a slump in sales. While this design was adequate, it lacked several amenities and the YT-1300's speed. All of these factors eventually led to the ceased production. Like the YT-1300, this craft can be found virtually all over the Galaxy.


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