Picture 5


Years ago, a simple Duros farmer named Tenius Kwah met a young human maiden named Alexine Tachi. Despite their difference in species, the two fell for each other at once. Two years passed after their marriage and they were blessed with a son, a Human Duros named Xanatos after his grandfather on his mother's side. Xanatos grew quickly, learning from his father the skills of a farmer. However, Xanatos wanted to see the stars. When he was ten years of age, a Sith Lord came to Naboo, where Xanatos's family lived. The Sith demanded that Xanatos be given over as a subject for testing. When Tenius refused, the Sith killed him and Alexine. Teary-eyed, Xanatos drew his father's DL-44 and attacked the Sith. In a surprising feat, Xanatos tricked the Sith Lord and was able to kill him.
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