Your holoscreen is interrupted by a special report from the Outer Rim. A figure appears and begins to speak.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you grave news from the Outer Rim. The Kathol Republic has decided to turn against its people and begin executions without question or remorse; often even, without trial. We thank our informants who so willingly risked there lives to bring these stories into the light.

Xander Tamerin was a full fledge and loyal member of the Kathol Republic at the time he was assigned to the Galactic Services Corporation. The vice-president came to ask Xander for donations for a new recycling company. Being new Xander was not a wealthy individual, so he quickly took a job with Freeport7, a non-faction organization to gain some much-needed assets. At this point he was head of security at Freeport7. He quickly found an assignment to scan a Galactic Services Corporation and Kathol Republic world. Zettai Kun, of the Kathol Republic found out and charged Xander with Treason, High Treason, Fraud, and Espionage. The Kathol Republic assigned Kaitlyn Kun the mother of Xander Tamerin's child to the prosecution. While on trial, Xander proved that he never did send "real" scans to Freeport7 - only the Fraud charge was dropped. Xander's lawyer, Han Hunter, quickly attempted a plea bargain which Auron Kun, the leader of the Kathol Republic and acting judge, denied. Despite Xander's and Hunter's best efforts, Auron Kun personally performed Xander's execution that night.

Our Next story is very short and even sadder than the last. This is the story of Zen Savo who our informants tell us was wrongfully executed by the Kathol Republic simply for resigning and going out into the galaxy to find alternative employment. The Kathol Republic was issued an order directly from the Empire to execute Zen for "Abandoning his post to join the Rebel Alliance." No trial was issued to Zen he was simply captured and killed by the Republic. Another government being used as a tool for the Empire, or a "Republic" gone horribly wrong?”

Your screen returns to its regular scheduled programming.

Hacked by: Echuu Shen-Jon Faction: The Freeholders Date: Year 7 Day 249 Onboard the CR-90 Corvette [FH] Haides IV in system Katorrs (422, -455).

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