Vyri Lysscol
Biographical information

Barab I

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5 ft 7 in

Hair color

No Hair

Eye color


Skin color


Political information

Rob Jstar

Vyri Lysscol is a Barabel male, who is currently working for Rob Jstar as his personal pilot.


Vyri is a barab I barabel of average height, when people see him the first things that they notice are his black eyes and sharp teeth. Being away from the planet with sun light he great night vision is very weak. When he works however Vyri dons the job with ease and style. His black eyes show detremation while flying his assigned ship. He also has space battle trianing so when attacked he will surly achieve his goal.


A Wealthy StartEdit

Vyri Lysscol was born on the barab I in the Barab system. He grew up as a nobles child believing that a future for him was gonna be a life of wealth.

The Attack Edit

His life changed at twenty when his planet was attacked by imperial fighters that ended up destroying his parents bussinesses and leaving his family in a poor state. The imperial fighters contiuned the attack for at least a month until taking over the planet with brute force.

The New Life Edit

Vyri Lysscol's parents sent Vyri on a transport ship so he dont have to face what they will face. Vyri soon landed on the planet tatooine in the tatoo system and started working for the local Hutt. While working for the local Hutt Vyri learned basic combat and weapon combat. Soon the Hutt was killed by a bounty Hunter and was focred to leave soon working for many people like Jenver Walker and currently Rob Jstar. Now a captial ship pilot he has earned respect among the galaxy.

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