Virryx Legion

Virryx Legion was formed immediately during the development of The Jensaarai, thus making it the faction's first legion.

The legion was originally headed by Chaac Selasis, with Lyra Ikron as his second-in-command. At this time, the name of the legion was Rapax, after the famed Roman legion. However, Chaac soon abandoned the project to rejoin his old faction, D'este Realty. Lyra stepped up to take command of the legion, changing both the name and the symbol to be more representative of The Jensaarai.

The name Virryx is taken from the Latin vires, meaning strength, combined with vox, meaning power. The symbol of the legion is the phoenix, a sign of the might and determination of the legion. The phoenix also symbolizes the legion's dedication to constant growth and persistence.

Now that the legion was reformed, it was time to select an Executive Officer. Revan Starcrasher timed his arrival into The Jensaarai just as Lyra was looking for her second-in-command. Due to Revan's excellent military record and experience, Lyra offered him the position of Jiaasjen Saarai. He accepted, and at last, Virryx Legion was fully formed and functional.

The legion soon proved itself to be worthy of its name, filling quickly with loyal, dedicated members. Both Lyra and Revan focused their attention on making Virryx the foremost legion of The Jensaarai. However, after several months and many successful missions, Revan announced his retirement from both the legion and The Jensaarai, citing a need for change. Lyra, although disappointed, soon began the search for a new Executive Officer.

After sifting through the applications, Lyra chose Zhang Liao to help her manage the legion. Zhang had little experience, but he was intelligent and thorough, his application standing out among the rest. Zhang took his appointment seriously, aiding the legion through the toughest missions and most complex problems. The two led the legion for nearly four months, during which time Virryx Legion began to stand out in terms of quality and progress. With Lyra and Zhang at the helm, the legion grew into the most powerful and dependable force in SRE.

Time continues on, however, and Zhang was offered the opportunity to lead his own legion.

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