Vincent Marz
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Year -13 Day 253

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Dirty Blonde/Light Brown

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Thyrsus Sun Guards

Vincent Osiris Marz is currently unemployed. Vincent is from the planet Kiffex.


Marz was born on Kiffex 24 years ago. But let's start at the beginning.

Marz ClanEdit

On Kiffex, there are alot of different clans. One of these clans, the Marz clan, is a nomadic clan from the northern lands of Kiffex. The eldest members in their history would be Horak Marz, his brother Saxet Marz, and their sisters Toka Marz and Alle Marz. Now remember, this was nearly 1,500 years before Vincent was ever born. But anyways, let's not stray from the story. As the Marz clan roamed the lands and met many more Kiffars, they gained knowledge... and children. You see, the Marz women met the other tribes' men, and mated. Now usually upon birth, a Kiffar child would dawn the tattoo of his father, but the issue was that they weren't sure the fathers. So they gave them the Marz tattoo. But as the generations moved, and grew, the ways changed. One change was the banning of sexual relationships with outside clans. So after this law was started the numbers starts to decline. By year -239, the numbers had declined down to barely 20 members. So to protect the clan from dying out, they unbanned the relationships with outside clans. In year -89, a leader of the Marz clan named Verek Marz married a member of the Saku clan named Artha Saku. Combining the two dying clans most likely saved them. About 70 years later, a man named Kenno Marz married a Kiffar woman named Shina Iraku, and six years later...

Birth of a new MarzEdit

Year -13 Day 253, a new Marz is born. Vincent Osiris Marz, the newest Kiffar born of the Marz clan. As he grew up, the Marz clan ran into outsiders. Not outsider Kiffars, but Non-Kiffar outsiders. Some of them called themselves Black Sun. The outsiders were not the nicest of beings, and hurt the clan. However, Vincent found them fascinating. When he turn 17, he ran away from the clan. He ran for weeks, searching for civilization, and he found it in The Mattresses.

The Empire: BeginningEdit

One day, as Vincent was working in a pub in The Mattresses, a group of humans entered the bar. They were all wearing grey uniforms, along with multiple medals. As they sat down, Vincent bought over some drinks for the soldiers. He talked with them throughout the night, and by the night's end, he had found his calling.

To be continued...Edit

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