Vasil Doombringer
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21 years ago

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1.82 cm

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Galactic Empire

Vasil Doombringer was a soldier in the Galactic Empire. He was executed for crimes against the state.


Vasil Doombringer was a very strong, muscular yet quiet man. A sergeant in the Imperial Army, he struck fear into people just by looking at them. Even though he was menacing, he was actually a generous and loyal soldier, usually risking his life to save others.

Vasil was born on Coruscant to a retired Imperial officer; hence, his influence to join the Imperial Army. Despite the fact that his father was a wealthy man, Vasil was not spoiled. He only got what he needed and just a little more every now and then.

As a young boy, Vasil loved shooting at targets with toy guns. He also liked martial arts; fighting with many different kinds of non-projectile weapons. He attended regular school and received decent grades but due to Vasil's quiet nature, he only developed a few friends. Those those few friends turned out to be the ones that Vasil trusted the most, and he would rather have few friends that he could count on, rather than many who he couldn't at all.

Vasil became the army brat that his father knew he would turn out to be. As soon as Vasil turned eighteen years of age, his father took him to the Army Recruitment Branch in Coruscant and Vasil was drafted into the army.

Imperial ArmyEdit

From the first day to the third year mark of his military career, Vasil stood out as one of the most promising soldiers in the Imperial Army. He quickly rose from the rank of Private to Sergeant 1st Class. While serving in the Imperial service he also participated in undercover intelligence operations. It was on one of these that he raised the ire of a powerful syndicate who then funded a counter intelligence operation against Vasil and his puppet masters. It came to their attention that Vasil was swayed by greed and hopes of power when they uncovered his involvement in the September Coup.


An anonymous message was dispatched to his masters and Vasil Doombringer was executed for crimes against the State for taking part in the September Coup he was killed during the 5th of November Massacre.

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