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Vansic Helranth
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Vansic Helranth is a tall (even for a Kaminoan), slender and graceful in gait. He has no distinguishing facial marks or blemishes. Prefers favour tight fitting, simple, dark coloured clothing to allow unfettered movement. Considers himself myself as being softly spoken with impeccable manners.


I was born to affluent and loving parents, my youth was spent on Kamino. I was an attentive student and fully embraced the Kamino education system. Emphasis was placed on medical studies. My thirst for knowledge was, and still is, immense. My first working experience was gained in Kamino laboratories within a research and development facility. Much time was spent studying the physiology of many life-forms. I believe I played an important contributory part in the development and refinement of many healing and cloning techniques. My interest started to wander to the darker side of medicine. Curiosity drove me to new studies which were frowned upon by my peers. I became more solitary in my research. The time came when remaining on Kamino became untenable.

To escape the confines of Kamino I joined the HawkBats. After passing the entrance exams I was given the rank of Corporal. Life as a HawkBat was not quite as exciting as I had hoped, nor was the pay up to my expectations. The kindly leader of the HawkBats gave me permission to use a faction freighter for private work. I soon started to build up clients. Work was good and so I decided to leave the HawkBats and become a freelance operator. I bought a YT-1210 and partnered up with a good friend Eddy Johns. Soon we needed more pilots, and a trading title. Vital Enterprises was born. To this day I continue to run VE, which has grown into a well respected freelance transport business. It continues to grown and prosper. Along the way I have made a great many friends and look forward to making many more in the future

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