Vagnar Sieler stands a good 6 foot 4, with a pleasant disposition. His hair is long and wavy, but betrays his personality, being pure silver hair. He is quick to anger, but just as quick to clear his mind and rationalize. His stare penetrates even the most powerful and influential people, like he can look into the depths of your soul. His eyes are blue as the sky on a sunny day, with a smile to match. He always appears to be restless and wants to always be doing something. He hates waiting around and being patient.

When he was 14, his planet was raided by Trandoshan slavers. His parents and close friends were taken away to some distant planet and were probably sold or killed. He was rescued by a smuggler and learned the ways of the smuggler. He was excellent at sneaking into places and stealing things. But, as he got older, he lost his ability to be stealthy. He was still at home with the smugglers, but didn't feel like he was at home, or even welcomed. He left when he was 17 and went searching for adventure. His main goal was to try and gather information about what had happened to his close family and friends. He still doesn't feel comfortable around Trandoshans, seeing as how they basically took his life away. He discovered that the slavers were killed by the Galactic Empire, so he came to admire the Empire for its strength and power. He is 21 now, and willing to take on the galaxy.

Currently a proud member of the faction Mandalore, and very proud to be serving our current leader, Tyr Demeer.

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