Duros veteran space explorer
Utono Brutza
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The history of Utono has been lost throughout time, so that all remains are his current accomplishments he can often be caught bragging about late at nights in cantinas over.

-Worked under the incredibly unintelligent Isoldor Storm, in which nearly a dozen enemies of Storm Securities and Rebel Alliance members were executed. After never receiving pay for all of his efforts, Utono confronted the Pirate Queen, Teniel Djo, about getting back at the Empire in some way or another.

-After a secret induction in to Teniel's small band of thieves, Utono began work on deceiving the higher ups of the Empire, one of those being Moff Michael Townsend. Townsend was under the influence Utono was going to lead a highly regarded bounty hunter faction, the Shadowrunners. Instead, Townsend found himself out nearly 90 million, which Utono gladly donated to his new home in the pirate kingdom.

-Since joining Eidola, Utono has never seen the glory he had in the 90 million pull with the Moff, but has pulled many smaller heists such as the kidnapping of two hundred builders from Samuel Vimes. He is often found to be commandeering ships stolen from citizens all across the galaxy with his parters in crime, Eli Greenberg, and the now deceased Frie Dron.

-Utono attempted to lead the failing Zaltin medical company, but after being the lazy pirate he was, he eventually sold it off for he couldn't "find the time" to deal with it.

-Was the founder of the Shadowbane Syndicate, a small organization founded with Frie Dron. It was a private fleet, made up of smaller capital ships such as CR-110's, but was fronted as an information faction, out to gain knowledge of everything in the galaxy (for Eidola's sake). Eventually, as with Zaltin, Utono drifted away from his brain child, and he sold it off to Eshaar Gnor, who converted in to an anti-human league of aliens.

-Utono is known to be addicted to Ryll and gambling. There are reports of him raking in small fortunes of 20 million credits or more in a single game.

-His whereabouts are unknown, and people can only estimate how much he has stolen in his life time (theories point at 250 million in capital). He currently is known to be one of the eldest living members of the feared Eidola Pirates, and until he is dead, nobody's pockets are safe.

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