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{{user infobox |c1=#3366cc |c2=#6699ff |c3=#666666 |image= Me & sophie |name= James Darlington-Walters |birth= 10th July |birthplace= Haddenham, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom |residence= Hilton, Derbyshire, United Kingdom |gender= Male |height= 6'2" |hair= Brown |eyes= Blue |occupation= Infantry Officer |hobbies= |contribs= Jamie Walters, Mekum Campbell, The Project, Magic's Bar & Restaurant, Lyran Seperatists, Rank Titles

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A veteran member of the Star Wars Combine, having been around for over five years. Like his close OOC friend Tnsumi Shine, Jamie relies heavily on Roleplaying to further his characters, though unlike Shine, he has not killed them off purposely

His actual darkness handles to date have been:

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