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-None at the moment


Ryan Roche - Close to finish, but will work later on.

--Wikisig1-ryan 01:10, 7 February 2009 (UTC)

  • Giving advice to people about their articles and how to improve.


.::Project Red Links::. - There are a lot of red links going on, some basic things that needs to be covered. For example, Star Destroyer, YT-1300, mainly ships, but also Space Stations, YT-Series, Bayonet Cruiser and races such as Thyferran. Also materials like Tibanna Gas and others. All are basic things that can be taken from outside source, myself and the Star Wars Combine rules page of course. People are encouraged to help and write themselves with a more RP feel.

.::Project Pentastar Alignment::. - Going to make some articles, clean it up a bit and continue organising and working on it. Much work to be done.

Special:WantedCategories - Going to make some order.

Special:Random - Always work to be done

  • Looking around the Wiki and editing/creating whatever I can.





  • FAQs - Completed

Random testing and stuff Edit

Testing Bio Stubs. - Works.

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