In tonight's episode, the Eidola Pirates move their focus back towards the faltering Rebel Alliance, and an altercation ensues. Things turn deadly, and a thief is captured. In an unexpected plot twist however, the thief was a member of the Rebel Alliance, not Eidola. "Nitol Solo" was first reported as a thief 28 days ago, when he stole 4,500 credits from the Hutt overlord Jaggo Bral.

Jaggo the Hutt then issued a bounty against the Rebel Alliance member, for his thievery. However, the Rebel Alliance refused to kick him out, raising eyebrows about how low their current-day recruiting must be, if they insist on still keeping a thief within their Academy.

Several days later, Nitol Solo boasted " Bring it on, all of ya. You all will never find me. Ha i laugh at that stupid hutts plans.", failing to realise that Eidola takes all bounties posted by Hutts seriously - both thieves who have robbed Jaggo the Hutt in the past are currently lying in their graves.

CSA member Jensen Odama's earlier predictions that Eidola would capture Nitol are proven correct, leading to rumors about forthcoming episodes of the series.

This episode also sees a brief cameo appearance by returning character Slogga the Hutt, who is seen returning to his palace on Nal Hutta

Hacked by: Teniel Djo Faction: Eidola Pirates Date: Year 7 Day 309 Onboard the YV-666 Gráinne Ni Mháille in system Sevarcos (-281, -314).

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