The United Intergalactic State (UIS) is one of the many freelance factions in the Star Wars Combine and was founded on Year 7 Day 236.


Originally, the UIS was started by Erik Axfow and Toulac Ja. These three individuals forged the foundations of the UIS and then decided to get their faction running as a freelance mercenary unit to start their way to a government.

The UIS issued their first classfield on Year 7 Day 237 and they immediately recruited several members. By this time they had a total of 6 members. The UIS then started trying to get diplomatic recognition, once again this being lead By Erik Axfow. He went on a good will mission to the Trade Federation and went to several other freelance factions to try and start a common market between freelance factions.


The UIS are doing their best to bring fascism in the galaxy down and trying to make a place where the workers are accepted. Although saying they are communist they are actually more socialist at the moment as Erik Axfow tries to use his power to be fair and bring money into the economy.

is their current Commissar of Navy and Kroatha nago is currently major general but will be likely promoted to commissar of Army.

The leadership of the UIS mostly works for UNB but is always scouring for jobs.

Although a minor organization, they are currently making a good reputation for themselves politically and expect a good future.

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