Union of Lyran Socialist Republics
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Alexander Fel

Second in Command
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Year 8 Day 147

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Single Party Democracy



The Lyran Union was a socialist government operating under the blessings of the Galactic Empire. After a comparatively brief existence, it's territory and population returned to direct Imperial rule.

The ideals of Lysoc, or Lyran Socialism, are what govern the Union and provide the name of the Party. The various constituents of the Union share a common defence, organisation and apparatus. Wherever you are in the Union, you may be sure that Lysoc rules without question, with its benevolent hand for the good of all.

The two most frequently quoted facets of Lysoc are ‘One vision, one purpose’ and ‘Peace through Power’. Through the common vision represented in the Central Committee, the workers of the Union tirelessly work for the sole purpose of the glory of Lysoc, that through economic and military might our small area of the galaxy enjoys peace.

The devotion in which the general population of the Union hold Lysoc has seen some claim that the Union is not a government but a religion. This is misleading: the fanatic loyalty of the Union’s subjects stems not from religious conviction, but from fanatic loyalty to the ideals and rule of the party.

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