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Personal Information
Name: Twiggy Samp
Birth: Year -12, Day 1
Home World: Tatooine
Species: Human
Marital Status: Single
Physical Description
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 266 lb
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Father: Alan Samp - Deceased
Mother: Mandy Mours - Unknown - Presumed Alive
Older Brother Ross Samp
Twin Sister Unknown - Seperated at Birth
Wife Classified
  • Offworld Mining corporation


Early Life[]

He was Born on CGT Year -12 Day 01 Time 05:31, in Theed-West, Naboo to Alan Samp and Mandy Morus, at 6 months when his Mother relocated, after the Split of his parents and eventual death of his father, he went to live in Mos Espa, Tatooine. As a child Twiggy always dreamed of being a senator, but he never made it.

Early Career[]

Graduated from university at the young age of 17, After which Twiggy decided to start working with his Mother, after a few months she decided to take him along on a mission where he discovered his true talent. Piloting ships started to become his life often skipping work to fly around the galaxy. At the age of 18 he was fired from his job. He decided to become freelance, doing escort, freighter piloting even attempted bounty hunting once, and is very sorry to the family of his appointment, luckily he wasn't as good a shoot as he thought. Shortly after turning 19 he was involved in a major accident in which he lost the love of his life, and was also mortaly injured. After an extended period of time in a tank of Bacta, he slowly started to get over his injury, but will never get over his loss.

Current Career[]

At 19 he finally found his niche and join the now defunct RMC (Republic Mining Corporation) as a freighter pilot. and has spent the years since flying ships and haven't regretted his decision to quit politics to become a pilot. Aged 20 after almost a year of hard work he was promoted to Director of Prospection for the RMC. Now that the RMC has been dissolved he, and the rest of the ex-RMC workers, were offered jobs by the Juganoth Mining Corporation (JMC), unfortunately at a lower rank. He accepted and spent a few months working as a regular prospector, getting back in touch with the basic's. On year 9 day 215, Twiggy left the JMC and joined OMC (Offworld Mining Corporation) after being offered a job by his old boss and friend Oilios Katastrefor, he now works as Lead Prospector of OMC. After the events with Mott Skyblade and oilios, Twiggy has been made 2nd in command of OMC behind current CEO Andre Gualdieri, thanks to the both and Mambo Starr, their tireless efforts saved the OMC from bankruptcy during the dark time and all 3 have very big ideas for the future of the Faction.

New Republic Service Awards[]


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