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Michael Turner

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Year 9 Day 300

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Paramilitary, Security


House Turner, Anzatan Commonwealth


Turner Securities Limited is a privately owned paramilitary force. The organisation was founded by Grand Duke Michael Turner, the current head of House Turner, and his friend and business partner Owen von Ismay. It is affiliated with the Anzatan Commonwealth


House Turner, an ancient and noble bloodline that traces its origins back to the planet of Kuat and endured for hundreds of years deeply rooted within the Old Republic. The family held great power and prestige on Kuat, because of this the Knights of Kuat was formed to provide protection, security and prosperity for the Turners. After the rise of the Empire, House Turner's influence and power began to dwindle. The Knights were slowly eliminated as the Turner's presence began to diminish. Eventually, Grand Duke Liam Turner betrayed his own family to save himself. All of House Turner's assets were handed over to the Empire which lead to the destruction of the House.

It was not until the reign of Grand Duke James Turner that the House began to thrive again. Upon fleeing the Empire and being free of the Imperial grip of death, House Turner was re-established on the planet of Hudriel in the Naboo system. Seeing a need to protect themselves and their newfound status in the universe once again, the Knights of Hudriel was formed in the same sense and traditions as the Knights of Kuat. To provide a stable military force thats goal was the security and protection of the House.

Having reached the apex of its dominance, Grand Duke Michael Turner decided it was time to expand on the premise of the Knights of Hudriel into something more universal and formal. Turner Securities Limited was formed not only to provide the traditional services of protection and security for the House, but for all sentients wishing to prosper from the benefits that House Turner can provide them with. No more shall House Turner sit idly by while the evil and tyrannical Empire slaughters innocent beings and terrorises countless individuals across the galaxy. Turner Securities is here to protect and serve those who value freedom, justice and peace and will not rest until the galaxy prospers under these ideals once again.


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