KUAT (GNS), Greetings my fellow beings of the galaxy. I come to you today, not to enslave you or to make your lives miserable, as the rebel alliance would have you believe! No, my Brothers and Sisters, I have come to reveal truths to you that many have been blinded by the power and so called glory of the rebels to see.

The “New Republic” has been formed and it seems to have fallen under control of the corrupt Jedi order. They would have you believe that they intend to bring freedom to the Galaxy by destroying the mighty Galactic Empire. However I bring evidence, not only that they cruelly imprison those innocent of any crime, and throw those they once called ally out to the wolves! No, their cruelties do not end there! They have grown so cruel and arrogant that when a world has fallen under control of this republic it is in fact taxed to extreme lengths. The peoples of these worlds are used simply as tools for the “Republic” to fuel the fires of its pathetic war machine.

Behold here, the evidence of such cruelty, the world of Galalyrn is so harshly taxed that the citizens often do not have enough to eat, and are forced to capture and cook the many vermin that share their homes. Coruscant is not even taxed that cruelly by the notoriously viscous Empire, which in fact collects most of its taxes at highly reduced rates. A citizen of Coruscant, for example, is expected to give only 10% of his hard earned wages to support the Empire, yet even the poorest of Galalyrns are expected to pay 16%. And on many New Republic worlds taxes are much higher.

Is THIS what you want my Brothers and Sisters. A rebellion that has grown SO greedy they will tax their own people into starvation to feed their desires for power?

As you can see, this unjust taxation is proof that this “Republic” cares nothing for its citizens or their quality of life. Only through the destruction of this corrupt Jedi Order and so-called New Republic can peace, order and security be brought to the Galaxy once more.

Submitted by Sith Acolyte Maximus Archer.

Posted by: Sarod Jaeger
Faction: Galactic Empire
Date: Year 8 Day 171
Onboard the Imperial Star Destroyer I Oppressor in system Corellia (70, -32) on Year 8 Day 171 19:11.

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