Faction Information
Name: TransGalMeg
Leader: Jim Firewalker
Second in Command: Keegers Shiya
Faction Type: Production, Ships
Galactic Standing: Neutral
Capital: Chandrila
Production Information
Tabder Heavy Hauler No longer available
Gallofree Medium Transport 18,000,000 cr
Action VI Transport 8,500,000 cr
AA-9 Transport 7,000,000 cr
Escape Pod 20,000 cr
Sysat T-24 100,000 cr
Sysat T-20 60,000 cr


TransGalMeg (or TGM, for short) is a ship production company that specializes in medium and large haulers. With its primary headquarters in the Chandrila system, near the galactic core, TransGalMeg is equally accessible from all corners of the galaxy. TGM is allied with Ailon Nova Guard, and together make up the Ailon United collective. Both factions are owned by Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl.


TransGalMeg is proud to produce a large supply of the galaxy's hauling vessels. With a diverse assortment, TGM is able to serve every customer. For those looking for a large hauling capacity couple with a moderate hyperdrive and some defensive capability, the Gallofree Medium Transport is the ship of choice. For customers looking for a smaller capacity with quicker delivery time, the Action VI Transport is quite capable. For those on a budget, the AA-9 Transport provides decent speed and large capacity for a bargain price. All three vessels may be ordered from the TGM Sales Center.

TransGalMeg's signature ship is the massive Tabder Heavy Hauler. With a capacity of 1 million tons, this ship can haul anything you need. Although it is slow and unarmed, it's hauling capacity is unmatched by anything else in the galaxy. Although the price is high, the quality and capability are impressive. Contact Jim Firewalker or Keegers Shiya to discuss purchasing details.

TransGalMeg also manufactures Escape Pods, Sysat T-24, and Sysat T-20 satellites. Our price are a bargain and we will beat most other producers. Again, the TGM Sales Center may be used for ordering our fine products.


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