Line 620: Line 620:
| class="xl37" | yes
| class="xl37" | yes
| class="xl37" | no
| class="xl37" | no
| class="xl37" | DEAD
|- class="xl30" style="height: 12.75pt"
|- class="xl30" style="height: 12.75pt"
| class="xl27" style="height: 12.75pt" height="17" | Joe Monso
| class="xl27" style="height: 12.75pt" height="17" | Joe Monso
Line 666: Line 665:
| class="xl27" | yes
| class="xl27" | yes
| class="xl27" | no
| class="xl27" | no
| class="xl27" | DEAD
|- style="height: 12.75pt"
|- style="height: 12.75pt"
| class="xl24" style="height: 12.75pt" height="17" | Karl Covert
| class="xl24" style="height: 12.75pt" height="17" | Karl Covert

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Name Current reputation stolen in the past? Reputable middle? Note
Adam A Flynn questionable yes no
Adam Nuckie bad yes no
Adam Zad bad yes no
Aidon Sadow ok no no
Aikanaro Halcon ok no no
Akira Ryu questionable yes no
Alec Suba questionable yes no
Alex Trimbal ok no no
Alex Tylger good no no
Alexus Harvey questionable yes no
Alley Trepe ok no no
Almar Zamasee ok no no
Anak Bratom bad yes no
Andrew Panzer ok no no
Angelica Marie questionable yes no
Arjuna Ketwol ok no no
Arzak Nothus Selrac ok no no
Asaryakatr bad yes no
Asier Imsen bad yes no
Auron Kun ok no no
Azriel Pitot ok no no
Azzi Blackgate ok no no
Bawkneira ok no no
Beauba Fettt ok no no
Bellos Selexin ok no no
Berin ok no no
Binks Miagi bad yes no
Bossive Ketwol ok no no
Bren Morgarr excellent yes yes Stole while being threatened to be executed if he didn't steal.
Bruce Spear, Jr. bad yes no
Camaris sa Vinitta ok no no
Carl Tagge ok no no
Carl Warrington good no no
Cellos Soyak ok no no
Chin Chon good no no
Chiss Veers ok yes no
Clarr Solo questionable yes no Looted the faction he was leading for Uther von Kaldreon
Cornelius Nova ok no no
Corran Halcyan ok no no
Corran Terrik questionable yes no
Crib Ulton bad yes no
Cypher Diaz ok no no
Da`uca Hilleacus questionable no no
Dagon Blackstar bad yes no DEAD
Dakko Powars ok no no
Damyo Kruder ok no no
Danison Rar Linkin bad yes no
Dante Phoenix (Zh`ar Phoenix) bad yes no
Dantius Storm bad yes no
Darek Xearz good no no
Darkara Shadow Sanjit unknown no no
Darts Pendragon questionable unclear no
David Kran bad yes no
Dedrick Rogue good no no DEAD
Delros Kaytyr bad yes no
DennyMala Solo ok no no
Derek Shado bad yes no
Dev Nul good no no
Dhamon Raleep ok no no
Diomedes Nacca ok no no
Draith Shadux good no no
Drak Sporgest ok no no
Drake Star bad yes no Helped Sevegf Mocvad looting a faction
Drake Wolfe bad yes no
Drakel Dorn ok no no
Drax Stardust ok no no
Drea Bachenkall bad yes no
Dreks Selmur good no no
Drizzt Delzoun bad yes no
Dur Ruo bad yes no DEAD
Dverol Nact ok no no
Dwight Talon good no no
Dyreese Rainer unknown yes no
Edwin Zieger ok no no
Eidola bad yes no FACTION ENTITY
Eli Greenberg bad yes no Eidola member/
Eliana Tamerin ok no no
Elizabeth Kun bad yes no
Eric Jackson good no no
Ethan Stone questionable yes no
Etrips Tenshi good no no
Ezekiel excellent no yes
Ezekiel Kun bad yes no
Falin Dorn ok no no
Felix Darque questionable yes no
Freedon Mathais bad yes no
Garven Stalwart good no no
Gordon Gekko questionable no no
Gretchen O`hara bad yes no
Gwar Lovia ok no no
Hal Breden good no no
Hal Gevant ok no no
Hans Joachim Marseille (Lord Daniels) bad yes no
Hasri Starfyre good no no
Heyallo Stylez ok no no
Hober Mallow ok no no
Horley Cyan good unclear yes See discussion in traderslist thread in traders lounge
Horthon Gorthy excellent no no
Hossy Virago questionable yes no
Igor Quorrom bad yes no
Imazushi Shinoto ok no no
Indy Foreman excellent no yes
Isoldor Storm excellent no no
Israel Sousa bad yes no
Jacen Gunnar questionable unclear no
Jacen Malorm ok no no
Jack T Ladd excellent no yes
Jaedyn Sklar ok no no
Jaggo Bral ok no no
Jake Frood bad yes no
Jake Kiltar bad yes no
Jake Onsai bad yes no DEAD
Jaq Gori bad yes no DEAD
Jaret Byar questionable unclear no Eidola member
Jax Karrde ok no no Has been in conflict with previous employers See traderslist thread in traders lounge
Jaxom Sky ok no no
Jay Shisky bad yes no
Jeb`el Ras good no no
Jerder questionable yes no
Jesfa Ackmin bad yes no
Joe Monso questionable yes no
John Marcus bad yes no
John Snooser bad yes no
Jonai Sammael ok no no
Jubb ok no no
Kain Elderan ok no no
Kam Farlight bad yes no
Kandar Myndraav bad yes no
Kara Tamerin bad yes no DEAD
Karl Covert ok no no
Katana Weis ok no no
Kell Archis ok no no
Keram McDlanar ok no no
Kevin Chambers good no no
Kevin Django ok no no
Ki Adi Mundi bad yes no
Kir Jax ok no no
Kit Taria bad` yes no
Klink Argosa good no no
Koz Ofyurdeth bad yes no Stole from a faction he was leading for Midge Cellewan
Kurak Aalia questionable no no
Kyel Veridas ok no no
Kyle Astros ok no no
Kyle Rainer ok no no
Lamy Homo bad yes no
Latvy Morgan ok no no
Lee Adama ok no no
Lexxa Sunnar ok no no
Lilith Drax bad yes no
Lindgart Adjer questionable yes no Stole back what a thief took from a friend of his
Lloyd Font unknown no no
Lodger Hawk bad yes no
Lon Lara bad yes no DEAD
Lorin Stormfury ok no no
Luke Dare bad yes no
Luke Sabershaft unknown no no
Luke Starfyre ok no no
Malakai Brooks questionable yes no
Maruu Sidisiam ok no no
Mecho Rykspin good no no
Mia DeMornay excellent no no
Michael La Forge ok no no
Michel Malinek bad yes no DEAD
Midge Cellewan excellent no yes
Miin Ikron ok no no
Miroslav Kaminski questionable yes no
Mokbar bad yes no
Mormegil Dagorlad bad yes no
Myn Donos ok no no
Mystiel Raleigh bad yes no
n1 excellent no yes
Nafro Coto ok no no
Naos Grilmor good yes no Stole while middling, never stolen in direct trade, Eidola member
Narth Jader bad yes no
Nereus Eruresto excellent no no
Nick Windu bad yes no
Nitol Solo bad yes no
Nym Wei bad yes no DEAD
Oilios Katastrefor good no no
Orion Silverhelm good no no
Owyn Darklighter excellent no yes
Pablo Dion ok no no
Pandora Gyx bad yes no
Panthro Von Palm bad yes no
Paparrin ok no no
Payl Arleya good yes no Stole back what a thief took from him
Peter Silverwood ok no no
Phryss excellent no no
Pixelor Xess good no no
Plo Qaan unknown no no
Quiggle ok no no
Rael Xenfears ok no no
Raith Endac ok no no
Ralic Feali ok no no
Rand Axim good no no
Randall Joshua ok no no
Raptor Cardel bad yes no
Ravi Ivar questionable yes no
Revan Coorr ok no no
Reven Misiery ok no no
Rhys Skywalker ok no no
Rhys Thuryn good no no
Rick Shaw questionable unclear no DEAD
Riley Moonrigger ok no no
Romar Feren ok no no
Rune Tao excellent no yes
Ryann Lhojugg ok no no
Saguro Jira bad yes no
Sam Daaz ok no no
Sam Starkiller ok no no
Samuel Flagg ok no no
Samuel Vimes bad yes no Stole from a thief to get possesions back to other players who were stolen from.
Sarah Revell bad yes no DEAD
Sato Hachitori ok no no
Satuk Awruk ok no no
Saxon Vui bad yes no
Scott Alexander ok yes no
Sean Tel ok no no
Sevegf Mocvad bad yes no Looted the faction he was leading for Darek Xearz
Shiva Rotaron bad yes no
Shwi Skylark bad yes no
Sigma Methaine bad yes no
Sin Jade ok no no
Sinus Coldhunter bad yes no
Sirl Tendril bad yes no
Slogga Ajoulic questionable yes no Eidola member/took back what someone took from his faction
Sly Toran ok no no
Sotar Loreandel ok no no
Squall Chitose ok no no
Stephen Garrett ok no no
Steve Solo ok unclear no
Stu Norman bad yes no
Syn excellent no yes
Syphon Kun ok no no
Taalon Darksky ok no no
Tara Tylger good no no
Tarvonie Northwind ok no no
Tay Cud bad no no
Tazam Azam questionable yes no
Tembre Fell questionable yes no Stole while middling, never stolen in direct trade
Teniel Djo (Keir) bad yes no
Terak Falcor ok no no
Tharbooka Gobaka ok no no
Tholin bad yes no
Thorr ok no no
Thrax Mincoul ok no no
Timberwolf Wellborn ok no no
Titanes Keano questionable yes no
Todor Ginchev good no no
Togan Jano excellent no yes
Trebor Binder bad yes no Helped Sevegf Mocvad looting a faction
Tryp Balsifar ok no no
Tuskus Troguna ok no no
Tyr DeMeer good no no
Tyron Krayzzz ok no no
Uther von Kaldreon good no no
Utono Brutza bad yes no Looted the faction he was leading for someone else
Valat Horn ok no no
Vayden Arazon ok no no
Venix Soyak good no no
Vinampas Vinamp bad yes no
Vodo Bonias questionable no no Ordered people in his faction to steal
Wilhelm Von Ismay good no no
Xeno Jwanu bad yes no
Xeon Cartagho ok no no
Xithos Berkner ok no no
Xodus Nizbith bad yes no Looted the faction he was leading for Midge Cellewan
Yoshi Hikaru ok no no
Zachai Dracolis ok yes no
Zed Wongo bad yes no
Zek Tahnis ok no no
Zev ok no no
Zimbabwe Suluclac ok no no
Zorran Black (adam7one) bad yes no

Written by: Darek Xearz

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