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Vice Admiral Torlac Lythis is an officer in the Tresario Star Kingdom.

History Edit

Born on one of the many space stations the surround his native planet of Duro, Torlac has spent very little time planetside growing up, only going down with his family for gatherings and festivals. His life was a normal one until he was about 12 standards years old. The Imperial Fleet gave precious little warning before they opened fire on the ships and stations, boarding ships weaving down to attach to the crippled stations and drop ships heading to the planet surface. Torlac's father headed to the elevators to help hold off assault, while his mother activated the escape pod she was cut down by stormtrooper blaster fire. The blaster fire also hit the pod control panel causing it to activate and pull away from the station but not towards the planet as intended, instead out to empty space.

After the fear of death had passed and unconsciousness had taken him from the pods life support running out of power, he came to in the medical bay of freighter, captained by a friendly Falleen simply known to his crew as Brant. He put Torlac to work as part of his crew to earn his keep, and taught Torlac the values he had learnt growing up on Falleen Prime and gave him hope by telling him how the Falleen people had fought back and freed themselves of the Empire.

As he traveled with Brant he learnt to pilot starfighters, and excelled at protecting the trade vessels from pirate and Imperial raiders. When heading into unfamiliar systems he would go ahead and scout giving the all clear, these skills would serve him well later. After traveling with the trade ships for 14 standard years they arrived at Duro bringing supplies for Imperial puppets CorSec. Filled with resolve Torlac took his leave from Brant and his second family and made his way to Kanopis to become a Cadet for the Falleen Federation.

After graduating, Torlac joined the Ministry Of Defence in the Mindano Assault Fleet until he reached the rank of Commander. From there he joined the Quartermaster's Unit until he reached the rank of Vice Admiral. For a while he became the Deputy Minister Of State, until joining Falleen Naval Contracts. After spending some time he moved into the honoured position of Kings Adjuntant directly serving King Bisz Aldaris.

Seeking a new challenge, Torlac transfered over to the Tresario Star Kingdom into the Ministry of Economic Development.

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