Star Wars Combine

This is a chronological list of significant or noteworthy events in the Star Wars Combine.

Year -1[]

Year 0[]

The Sim News page circa Year 0.

Year 1[]

The Star Wars Combine website circa Year 1.

Year 2[]

The Factions page circa Year 2.

Year 3[]

The Interactive Combine Information System (ICIS) circa Year 3.

  • Day 1: OmniCorp is founded.
  • Day 1: Jorran Kale steps down as President of NeuroSaav Technologies. John Stark replaces him.
  • Day 23: Omega Order Vehicles opens for business.
  • Day 26: Vyk Drago becomes the leader of the New Anzat Order.
  • Day 30: Blue Sabre Transportation, led by Sterik Hasger, opens for business.
  • Day 48: Venix Fire becomes the leader of The Wraiths after the resignation of Navik Ikron.
  • Day 59: Emperor Charon requires all vessels be registered with the Imperial Port Authority.
  • Day 64: Hornithicus is appointed as the new head of security for Cyber Technologies.
  • Day 76: The Rebel Alliance High Command arrests President Cyrus Cloudwalker for treason.
  • Day 81: The Galactic Empire arrests and executes Zeblork for theft and embezzlement.
  • Day 81: The Hutt Council is formed under the auspices of the Galactic Empire.
  • Day 83: Jim Stratus of the Galactic Empire purchases Galactic Salvage Inc.
  • Day 86: Green Devil replaces Haden Rodery as Chancellor of Loronar Security.
  • Day 94: Imperial Core and Sith Empire factions merge to become the Dark Empire.
  • Day 98: Owan D'arc ("Anti-Tarkin") steps down as leader of the Night Thieves.[2]
  • Day 98: The Night Thieves are absorbed into Hammers Slammers, a mercenary group.[2]
  • Day 101: The Hutt Council places a death sentence on all members of the Dark Empire.[7]
  • Day 103: Ashe is replaced by Kail Denear as president of Universal Network Bank.
  • Day 105: Relm Hesek is appointed Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance.
  • Day 107: "The Dathomir Crisis" erupts between Black Sun and the Hapes Consortium.
  • Day 111: Emperor Charon appoints Grand Vizier Naal Soven as leader of COMPNOR.
  • Day 113: The Galactic Empire arrests and executes the leader of the Ubrikkian Corporation.
  • Day 143: Emperor Charon appoints Vir Calder as Moff of the Fakir Sector.
  • Day 145: Kavvel resigns as leader of Aurora Tech and is replaced by Mythrantar.
  • Day 162: Kosh Naranek of Black Sun Trading weds Syn.
  • Day 169: Genma Digma assumes control of the Trans-Galactic Transportation.
  • Day 172: New Anzat Order and the Dark Empire sign "a friendship treaty."
  • Day 186: Bounty Hunter Alliance captures and executes Kryl Vysk, an infamous Arconian.
  • Day 188: The Ubrikkian Corporation elects Bryce as their new leader.
  • Day 192: Davpa Bolom steps down as head of Cyber Technologies. Yurok replaces him.
  • Day 199: Octavus Sanguis becomes leader of Trilon Incorporated.
  • Day 213: Green Devil of Loronar Security is killed by Eldrik Kuraine, leader of Astralwerks Engineering.
  • Day 217: Thraken Solo starts Colonial Shipworks.
  • Day 218: Princess Gabriella Storm of the Dark Empire defects to the Galactic Empire.
  • Day 221: Greyson Uebles declares a truce between the Dark Empire and Galactic Empire.
  • Day 225: Bel Ker Production is founded.
  • Day 226: Talon Efrawn is relieved of his position as CEO of Aurora Tech. Tarkacheen replaces him.
  • Day 232: Bonias opens a "soap factory" on Bastion; the soap is made using "non-human life-forms."
  • Day 234: Under the guidance of Intellifish, several factions form "the League of Trade."
  • Day 236: Black Knight becomes the owner of Trans-Galactic Transportation.
  • Day 238: Nisshutsu Shipyards opens for business.
  • Day 239: Vel Koon announces the formation of the Kel Dor Confederacy.
  • Day 239: Infinity Casino reopens. Kam Farlight celebrates his new position as owner of Infinite Dark.
  • Day 240: Rik Avner becomes owner of Twin Star Mining after the mysterious death of former CEO Laetras.
  • Day 241: Jova PallaDel becomes the owner and president of the Ubrikkian Corporation.
  • Day 242: Jake Kiltar becomes the president of Cloud City.
  • Day 270: Bounty Hunter Alliance captures and executes Kyrk Lyder, an infamous Trandoshan.
  • Day 271: Spookie, a former Supreme Commander, is expelled from the Rebel Alliance for theft.
  • Day 281: Ace Menshu replaces Chan as magistrate of the Trade Federation.
  • Day 283: Lord Xa Draet assumes power as leader of Centrepoint Space Station.
  • Day 289: Outrider Trading becomes a nationalized faction of the Hapes Consortium.
  • Day 290: Vodo Bonias announces a merger between the Dark Empire and Galactic Empire.
  • Day 290: Corbin Esco of the Trade Federation unveils "Shockball Wagering," a popular event.
  • Day 317: Victor von Ismay, a Sector Adjutant, is promoted to Moff of the Corellian Sector.
  • Day 329: Kloran replaces Kurner Dah'tar as leader of the JUGANOTH Mining Corporation.
  • Day 352: Uther Von Kaldreon replaces Blackthrone as leader of Blue Sabre Transportation.
  • Day 354: Aves Larkin and Acria Larkin resign from the Falleen Federation.
  • Day 361: Longfur is replaced by Incubus Kaine as president of Astralwerks Engineering.

Year 4[]

A screenshot of the Star Wars Combine's in-game galaxy circa Year 4.

Year 5[]

  • Day 33: Arkaine Reaper is appointed president of Universal Network Bank.
  • Day 43: Horley Cyan replaces Ugo de Paynes as leader of Outrider Trading.
  • Day 44: Hal Breden replaces Jander Sunstar as leader of Alissma.
  • Day 48: Markus Harth replaces Isoldor Storm as leader of Loronar Security.
  • Day 81: The Eidola Pirates are formed under the leadership of Keir Santage.
  • Day 81: Mandalore is founded.
  • Day 130: Hal Breden of Alissma urges the galaxy to embrace Ara as the one true god.
  • Day 133: Jeric Sensar replaces Banquo Knox as the leader of Biotech.
  • Day 134: Greyson Uebles celebrates the 1st anniversary of his ascension as Emperor.
  • Day 134: Corax Rann replaces Maximus Archer as leader of the Novatech Speeder Corporation.
  • Day 134: Edwacop Wiwem replaces Christopher Axelzadir as the leader of SoroSuub Corporation.
  • Day 135: Zorran Black takes over the Paradox Resource Exploration from Markus Harth.
  • Day 138: Koensayr Fleetworks opens for business.
  • Day 143: Tycho Celchu replaces Chiss Veers as leader of the Tenloss Syndicate.
  • Day 151: Nikklon Mining Incorporated protests the Anzatan presence in the Allied Tion Sector.
  • Day 153: Kulthar Drax replaces Lilith Drax as the leader of Malebranche Fleet Omega.
  • Day 154: Finance Minister Vero Thrawn creates the Imperial Trade Authority under Pangborn.
  • Day 156: Celestin Abriel replaces Michael Townsend as leader of Infinite Innovations Inc.
  • Day 158: Vel Koon replaces Lanxek Delsarr-Antaria as the leader of The Antarian Rangers.
  • Day 158: Having served as Emperor for a year, Uebles abdicates the Imperial throne.
  • Day 159: Vodo Bonias assumes the Imperial throne as Emperor.
  • Day 159: Vodo grants amnesty to all ex-Imperials except for Aintab and Veers.
  • Day 159: Durand replaces Daimon Luglok as the leader of Infinite Innovations Inc.
  • Day 159: Zorran Black reveals that Myorzo Corporation has acquired Paradox Resource Exploration.
  • Day 163: Kevin Storm replaces Boba Fel as the leader of Hammers Slammers.
  • Day 164: Incom Corporation allies itself with the Rebel Alliance.
  • Day 164: Piqued with Vodo as Emperor, Maximus Archer departs Novatech. Ugo de Paynes replaces him.
  • Day 167: Led by Lilith Drax, the Malebranche Fleet Omega redubs itself Malebranche.
  • Day 168: Malebranche Fleet Delta is retitled Eidola.
  • Day 170: The faction, Dark Vengeance, is founded by Xanathar Branwen.
  • Day 175: The Zaltin Corporation and Sienar Technologies, led by Chiss Veers, open for business.
  • Day 175: Kosh Naranek replaces Luke Starsoarer as the leader of Aurora Tech.
  • Day 178: Adam Flynn, the leader of Universal Network Bank, resigns. He is replaced by Motexx Faz.
  • Day 178: Owyn Darklighter, the leader of Nisshutsu Shipyards, is replaced by Adam Flynn.
  • Day 178: Adam Flynn renames Nisshutsu Shipyards as Intergalactic Military Machines.
  • Day 181: Owyn Darklighter assumes control of JUGANOTH Mining Corporation from Irving Howie.
  • Day 181: Irving Howie then becomes leader of SoroSuub Corporation; thus, replacing Edwacop Wiwem.
  • Day 183: Malebranche Materiel Production is renamed XXX MINERS.
  • Day 186: Infinite Dark and Galactic Transportation Services are liquidated.
  • Day 193: Helmed by Andrew Starfyr, the Olanji Corporation is founded as a ship manufacturer.
  • Day 194: TransGalMeg is formed; Motexx Faz serves as its first leader.
  • Day 195: Sienar Technologies relocates its headquarters to Bimmissari.
  • Day 200: The Shirak Bounty Hunter Syndicate forms, and is led by Darkara Shadow Sanjit.
  • Day 204: Longfur replaces Nemesi as the leader of Astralwerks Engineering.
  • Day 205: Dorinian Military Corps is formed.
  • Day 206: Rothana Heavy Engineering opens for business under the guidance of Mosep Chitose.
  • Day 208: The Eidola Pirates raid Coruscant, and steal 12 TIE Interceptors.
  • Day 216: Teniel Djo begins a highly-publicized war against the Galactic Empire.
  • Day 220: The Commerce Guild opens for business, led by Nereus Eruresto and Dev Nul.
  • Day 224: Teniel Djo unmasks an "Imperial plot" against Eidola.
  • Day 230: The Corporate Sector Authority executes Riley Daniels for attempted theft.
  • Day 248: The Techno Union is formed.
  • Day 255: Renketsu Trading opens for business.
  • Day 262: The Galactic Empire dispatches the First Assault Fleet to the Allied Tion Sector.
  • Day 263: Perrin Wolfstar steps down as Prime Minister of the New Anzat Order.
  • Day 268: Enzo Delaere succeeds Wolfstar as leader of the New Anzat Order.
  • Day 274: Colonial Shipworks is renamed to Hoersch-Kessel Drive.
  • Day 285: Max Solusar assumes control of Paradox Resource Exploration from Arkaine Reaper.
  • Day 298: Cosmo Corps is renamed Sienar Fleet Systems.
  • Day 298: Koensayr Fleetworks is renamed Slayn and Korpil.
  • Day 303: The Eidola Pirates murder Imperial Flight Corporal Antair Zulka.
  • Day 304: Horley Cyan creates the Corporate Alliance, a Trade Federation entity.
  • Day 305: Zorran Black retires from the Myorzo Corporation.
  • Day 325: Midge Cellewan of the Corporate Sector hosts "the second Kessel Run."
  • Day 329: Enzo Delaere surrenders the New Anzat Order to the Galactic Empire.
  • Day 329: Princess Gabriella Storm assumes power as leader of the New Anzat Order.
  • Day 330: Dark Vengeance renames itself the Bounty Hunters Guild, led by Xanathar Branwen.
  • Day 331: Eidola murders Imperial Moff Victor von Ismay on Thyferra.
  • Day 337: Kulthar Drax is killed by Eidola.
  • Day 345: Ithullan Mines and Trans-Galactic Transportation are dissolved.
  • Day 347: Hutt Council and Blazing Pulsar Exploration go bankrupt and are liquidated.
  • Day 348: Endeavor Corporation is likewise dissolved.
  • Day 356: Teniel Djo of the Eidola Pirates loots the Xucphra Corporation.
  • Day 356: Vlademar von Ismay becomes the leader of the New Anzat Order.

Year 6[]

  • Day 9: The Avance Coalition is formed.
  • Day 10: Eidola kills Mosep Chitose.
  • Day 40: Starsign Shipyards is formed.
  • Day 59: Rebel Alliance and Jacen Boshuu capture and execute Imperial Moff Kirov Quel-Droma.
  • Day 137: Wilhelm von Ismay replaces Vlademar von Ismay as Chancellor, breaking Imperial ties with the New Anzat Order
  • Day 155: Imperial forces briefly restore Vlademar von Ismay as Chancellor of the New Anzat Order. Vlademar is killed by loyalists of Wilhelm, who regains control of the Government.
  • Day 209: Tara Tylger becomes ruler of Black Sun.
  • Day 232: The New Sith Order is formed.
  • Day 252: Ailon Nova Guard is formed.
  • Day 318: The New Imperial Order is founded.

Year 7[]

The cockpit screen circa Year 7.

Year 8[]

The Star Wars Combine website circa Year 8.

  • Day 55: Defeated in elections, Regent Owen von Ismay is replaced by Wilhelm von Ismay as leader of the New Anzat Order.
  • Day 58: Eidola captures 3 Raptor pirates with the aid of Rav Isaar, 2 of the 3 are later executed.
  • Day 101: BlasTech Industries begin operations.
  • Day 121 Maradin Sandwalker is elected the first Chief of State of the New Republic, defeating interim leader Phymp Mindano.
  • Day 165: Thies Windu is captured onboard the Home One by Corvis Orion and Matt Cauthon.
  • Day 236: The Red Star Alliance is formed.
  • Day 310: A no-confidence vote is passed against New Republic Chief of State Ingo R Vailis.
  • Day 329: Thies Windu is killed by Corvis Orion.
  • Day 333: Isoldor Storm is assassinated by Lance Hawke.
  • Day 334: Corvis Orion, the leader of HawkBats, is replaced by Kabal Shryke.
  • Day 337: Bren Morgarr is replaced as Trade Federation Viceroy by Jacob Jansen.
  • Day 338: Adam A Flynn, along with several Black Sun agents, take over the New Republic.
  • Day 343: Black Nebula is founded.
  • Day 350: Adam A Flynn returns to the throne of Black Sun.
  • Day 352: Eliana Tamerin opens the Tamerin Foundation, a para-military security outfit.
  • Day 361: Kurami Jankov replaces Ceya Jaytee as the recognized leader of Red Star Alliance.
  • Day 363: Artur Tikaan, the leader of BlasTech Industries, is succeeded by Vice President Brat Cost Ru.

Year 9[]

Year 10[]

  • Day 3: The Star Wars Combine celebrates its unofficial 10th Anniversary.
  • Day 12: Former Trade and Industry Minister Zeff Traner is elected the fourth Chief of State of the New Republic in the first round. He succeeds Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar, who did not stand for reelection.
  • Day 51: The Galactic Empire announces Vodo Bonias has been grievously injured. Pro Consul Arturus Goth is appointed Regent and introduces reforms to the Imperial Government. Spontaneous celebrations break out in New Republic territory at news of the Emperor's grave condition.
  • Day 54: New Republic forces capture Imperial Moff Mitth`oro`nuruodo on Csilla.
  • Day 58: President Brat Cost Ru of BlasTech Corporation and Grand Seneschal Frezt Raleigh of the Krath Dynasty sign a peace treaty on Shesharile the Great.
  • Day 60: The Hutt Cartel is founded by Voragga Zuuma and Tobbo Nokko from the ashes of Angobba the Hutt's former council.
  • Day 66: Admiral Calor Assam, Commander of the Imperial Navy and ally of Regent Arturus Goth, is assassinated. Former Defence Minister, Fleet Admiral Slicer and Imperial Army Commander, Brigadier General Bacara Kex, are arrested under suspicion of involvement.
  • Day 72: Moff Orphaea Imperium of the Galactic Empire seizes control of the Corporate Sector Authority.
  • Day 112: Wilhelm von Ismay of the Anzatan Commonwealth is purportedly assassinated. Keishi Miahr replaces him.
  • Day 119: The DarkLight Security Force becomes a faction. Looting meant that it didn't last long before dissolving.
  • Day 201: The Chiss Ascendancy is founded.

Year 11[]

Year 12[]

  • Day 287: Silhouette is brought to its knees by Black Sun.