This is a chronological list of significant or noteworthy events in the Star Wars Combine.

Year -1Edit

  • Day 110: Ranma joins the Imperial Army.
  • Day 336: The SWSIM is officially closed by Acting Head Administrator "TJ."

Year 0Edit

Old sim news page screenshot

The Sim News page circa Year 0.

Year 1Edit

Swc site screenshot

The Star Wars Combine website circa Year 1.

Year 2Edit

Old factions page screenshot

The Factions page circa Year 2.

Year 3Edit


The Interactive Combine Information System (ICIS) circa Year 3.

Year 4Edit

Galactic Map Year4

A screenshot of the Star Wars Combine's in-game galaxy circa Year 4.

Year 5Edit

Year 6Edit

Year 7Edit


The cockpit screen circa Year 7.

Year 8Edit

Swc site screenshot 2008

The Star Wars Combine website circa Year 8.

  • Day 55: Defeated in elections, Regent Owen von Ismay is replaced by Wilhelm von Ismay as leader of the New Anzat Order.
  • Day 58: Eidola captures 3 Raptor pirates with the aid of Rav Isaar, 2 of the 3 are later executed.
  • Day 101: BlasTech Industries begin operations.
  • Day 121 Maradin Sandwalker is elected the first Chief of State of the New Republic, defeating interim leader Phymp Mindano.
  • Day 165: Thies Windu is captured onboard the Home One by Corvis Orion and Matt Cauthon.
  • Day 236: The Red Star Alliance is formed.
  • Day 310: A no-confidence vote is passed against New Republic Chief of State Ingo R Vailis.
  • Day 329: Thies Windu is killed by Corvis Orion.
  • Day 333: Isoldor Storm is assassinated by Lance Hawke.
  • Day 334: Corvis Orion, the leader of HawkBats, is replaced by Kabal Shryke.
  • Day 337: Bren Morgarr is replaced as Trade Federation Viceroy by Jacob Jansen.
  • Day 338: Adam A Flynn, along with several Black Sun agents, take over the New Republic.
  • Day 343: Black Nebula is founded.
  • Day 350: Adam A Flynn returns to the throne of Black Sun.
  • Day 352: Eliana Tamerin opens the Tamerin Foundation, a para-military security outfit.
  • Day 361: Kurami Jankov replaces Ceya Jaytee as the recognized leader of Red Star Alliance.
  • Day 363: Artur Tikaan, the leader of BlasTech Industries, is succeeded by Vice President Brat Cost Ru.

Year 9Edit

Year 10Edit

  • Day 3: The Star Wars Combine celebrates its unofficial 10th Anniversary.
  • Day 12: Former Trade and Industry Minister Zeff Traner is elected the fourth Chief of State of the New Republic in the first round. He succeeds Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar, who did not stand for reelection.
  • Day 51: The Galactic Empire announces Vodo Bonias has been grievously injured. Pro Consul Arturus Goth is appointed Regent and introduces reforms to the Imperial Government. Spontaneous celebrations break out in New Republic territory at news of the Emperor's grave condition.
  • Day 54: New Republic forces capture Imperial Moff Mitth`oro`nuruodo on Csilla.
  • Day 58: President Brat Cost Ru of BlasTech Corporation and Grand Seneschal Frezt Raleigh of the Krath Dynasty sign a peace treaty on Shesharile the Great.
  • Day 60: The Hutt Cartel is founded by Voragga Zuuma and Tobbo Nokko from the ashes of Angobba the Hutt's former council.
  • Day 66: Admiral Calor Assam, Commander of the Imperial Navy and ally of Regent Arturus Goth, is assassinated. Former Defence Minister, Fleet Admiral Slicer and Imperial Army Commander, Brigadier General Bacara Kex, are arrested under suspicion of involvement.
  • Day 72: Moff Orphaea Imperium of the Galactic Empire seizes control of the Corporate Sector Authority.
  • Day 112: Wilhelm von Ismay of the Anzatan Commonwealth is purportedly assassinated. Keishi Miahr replaces him.
  • Day 119: The DarkLight Security Force becomes a faction. Looting meant that it didn't last long before dissolving.
  • Day 201: The Chiss Ascendancy is founded.

Year 11Edit

Year 12Edit


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