The Thrakia system is known for its somewhat arrow-shaped planetary formation. The system is not very friendly to visitors, as only one planet is even remotely close to being populated. The planet of Thrakia, the system's capital, is a very hot planet and very harsh to anyone that visits. Many people have died on its surface due to excessive temperatures and scarce water sources. The system contains several planets available for gas mining. The planets often get mining tycoons visiting its surface to try and extract any gases they can to make themselves richer. No one, however, has been able to find anything that is even close to useful.

Immediately following the decleration of war between the Trade Federation and the Galactic Empire, Centurion Battle Group of the New Republic, in co-operation with Trade Federation forces, moved to Thrakia in order to secure the planet in the event a similiar invasion to that at Corthor were to occur. Unfortunately for the Rebel Alliance, who was well prepared for such an attempt, the Imperials did not show up.

System Information

  • Coordinates: (189, 45)
  • Suns: 1
  • Planets: 7
  • Moons: 0
  • Asteroid fields: 0

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