The Alderaanian male inclined his head ever so slightly, his long brown hair temporarily obscuring his eyes before settling back to it's place. His name was Reajiad Nero, Grand Master of the Jedi Order.

"I do not wish to take more time than will be needed, so let me avoid the flowery language you might be accustomed to from diplomats." He smiled politely and took a deep breath through slightly parted lips before beginning anew.

"I will address the central issue within two recent news stories. Claims have been made about the nature of the relationship between the New Republic and the New Jedi Order. The New Jedi Order as an organization, maintains relationships with any government which they feel has similar values and goals. How this freely admitted relationship has been distorted into an idea of the New Republic being run by the Jedi, I must admit that I do not understand. Unless you take into account that those making the claims align themselves openly against both the Jedi Order, and the New Republic. The Jedi Order is full of individuals who fulfill what they believe to be their roles and destinies in a variety of ways. If the Galactic Empire and it's associates wish to try and portray that as the epitome of cloak and dagger operations, I welcome the attempts. Any future public relations questions will be handled directly through the PR department."

His eyes locked on the holocam's lens, and he smiled ever so slightly. "I thank you for your time, and may the Force be with you."

((We do not have one, and won't be addressing silly propaganda any longer.))

Hacked by: Jessica Hyde
Faction: Jedi Academy
Date: Year 8 Day 175
Location Unknown

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