The holonet program cuts in to a broadcast from the private office of Lord Archon Moridin of the Order of Krath. Jeraq sits calmly behind the desk, looking grimly into the viewcam. "Gentlebeings of the Kathol Republic, today marks a culmination of events that have led to the death of our beloved Governor, and a threat of further reprisals from Mandalore, his death will be mourned across the republic, and one such as he can not easily be replaced." Jeraq pauses to clear his throat. "But we must look beyond his death, to the reasons for it. In a past incident, two former members of the Kathol Republic who'd decided to move to Mandalore in order to further their own goals were betrayed by members of the Kathol government. Having been tricked into a trap, they were summarily executed without trial, nor without even the slightest hint of protection afforded by the judiciary of the Kathol Republic." Jeraq pauses once again & looks sternly into the viewcam. "My friends, this is an injustice on both accounts, to Mandalore, for the murder of two newcome members out of The Kathol Republic, and to the Kathol Republic, for the affairs of a few against the state have culminated in the loss of one of our best & beloved in retribution. This must end! I call for Mandalore to open mediation with the Republic in an effort to clean away this stain on relations. I further wish to state, that the orders & actions of Auron Tamerin, in his conduct as President of the Kathol Republic are solely to blame for the incident that has let up to recent events. It was, in part, due to such actions that Mr. Tamerin is no longer with the Kathol Republic, having been chased from office and was left with no choice but to ally himself with the Anzati government seeking sanctuary from his crimes, and to retake his former holdings. To Mandalore, I say, that the Kathol Republic is not the one responsible for your misgivings, nor, is Mandalore responsible for ours. The true culprit, whom we both should see brought to justice, is that of Mr. Tamerin, and his associates who fled from the Kathol Republic with him. That is all for now."

holonet returns to regularly scheduled program

Posted by: Jeraq Moridin
Faction: Order of Krath
Date: Year 8 Day 137
Onboard the CR-90 Assassin-class Corvette KMS Glory in system Shesharile (-39, -446) on Year 8 Day 134 12:49.

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