Recently, a simple business transaction escalated into a large scale galactic incident involving alleged fraud, several arrests, a high-profile trial and a bizarre murder.

Several weeks ago, Freedon Mathias advertised two YT-2000s for sale on the holonet. Jeb'el Ras, a prospective customer, became interested and contacted Mathias. Ras found Mathias peculiarly vague in his responses; even refusing the accepted practice of using a reputable middleman for the transaction. No purchase was made and Ras was left with the impression that Mathias was a con artist.

Another interested customer, Siejo Kutol, contacted Mathias regarding the purchase of an N-1 Starfighter; he too requested the use of a middleman to facilitate the purchase. Mathias again refused. Kutol, against his better judgment, decided to trust Mathias and proceeded with the trade. The amount being agreed upon: 100,000 credits for the N-1 Starfighter. However, after Mathias received the credits, Kutol did not receive the ship.

According to Kutol, when he contacted Mathias about the delay in the delivery of the ship, Mathias became increasingly hostile; offering the explanation that access to the ship had not been available to him since the purchase. Shortly thereafter, Mathias' contact with Kutol ceased.

Kutol, believing fraud had been committed, reported the incident to the proper authorities; this in turn garnered the attention of the SoroSuub Corporation which arrested Mathias in their territory. The SoroSuub arresting officer stated to Silverhelm Media: "[Mathias] should consider himself lucky to have been caught by SoroSuub. Had anyone else caught him, he'd be missing a pulse and an ear."

Defense attorney Pablo Dion, representing Mathias pro bono, was arrested while consulting with Mathias aboard the SoroSuub ship; he too was placed in prison. The charges against Dion: Employee of ComBank, a subsidiary of the Galactic Empire. Dion had this to say, "Although having a consultation with my client aboard a SoroSuub ship was not entirely wise, I judged it to be in the best interest of my client. Also, I would like to thank SoroSuub for their respectful treatment of me during my incarceration." Dion was cleared of all charges and released subsequent to his interview with Silverhelm Media.

During his trial, Mathias, on the advice of his council, pleaded guilty hoping to receive a lighter sentence. Dion argued this being a first offense: the death penalty is not an option. The trial is ongoing.

Adding a twist to the story, Patricio Mishka, who brought this story to the attention of Silverhelm Media, has since been found murdered.

Posted by: Donnie Deffland Faction: Silverhelm Entertainment Media Incorporated Date: Year 7 Day 249

Onboard the Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser SEMINc 3 in system Rampa (333, 333) on Year 7 Day 248 2:54.

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