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Chalcedon (Alebreen)


The Syndicate

The Syndicate is a galactic government in the Star Wars Combine.


The Syndicate was founded on 8:351 by Uther Von Kaldreon and the Associates. The core principles of The Syndicate are Honor, Teamwork and Vision. Honor gives us the integrity and discipline required to conduct profitable business within the galaxy and to treat others with respect. Teamwork provides us the proficiency needed to be the best at every endeavor while having fun doing it. Vision ensures the longevity of the Company in a constantly changing and dynamic environment while providing every Associate with an opportunity to have creative input into the Syndicates future. So, if you're looking for a camaraderie, adventure, and a place to build your future we extend a hand of friendship and assistance. If it's War you seek, we will be obliged to bring it to your homeworld. The Syndicates' mission is to provide affordable services to our clients in a timely and polite manner. We welcome anyone seeking our Services and invite you to visit our Office to see what we have to offer and to inquire about cost. Thank you for your interest in The Syndicate and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


he time was Year 8, the planet Thyferra, after announcing record profits on the GNS , The Galactic Empire soon reneged on its profit sharing agreement with a small subsidiary mining company called CCBST. The reason given by GM Goth “We are an evil Empire after all”. After several weeks of attempted negotiation the brave Leader of CCBST, Uther Von Kaldreon, at great personal risk to himself, decided to call a general strike and all mining operations on Thryfera came to a grinding halt. The authoritarian fist of the Galactic Empire was as swift as it was merciless. CCBST employees where rounded up and imprisoned in the harshest of conditions, many did not survive. Fleeing for his life, a record bounty upon a his head, Lord Kaldreon and a loyal band of Associates took what they could carry and fled into Rebel controlled territory on the opposite side of the Galaxy. There, on the fringes of known space, with the leadership of Lord Kaldreon and a veteran core of CCBST Management personnel, this small band of refuges, determined to rebuild their lives and their fortunes, came together into what is now known as “The Syndicate”.

Determined never to be caught without the means to defend themselves from aggression again, The Syndicate was formed as a Security faction. However, The Syndicates stance in Galactic politics is that of neutral. The Syndicate wants no part in the violent ambitions of insane Dictators or the destructive conflicts of hungry Dynasties.


Currently Chalcedon is the home planet of The Syndicate. Located deep in the Outer Rim F-4 sector The Syndicate offers security for the local systems and neighboring systems.


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