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The Order of Kampar is a religious faith governed by a number of Prophets. These Prophets are the authority on many subjects, and have nominated the great Bothan known as Kurner Dahtar as the custodian of the Order. Throughout his work within the mining organization of the Commerce Guild, Kurner traveled extensively not only investigating potential deposits for value, but also searching for his true calling.

On one such trip he gathered a group of his close friends together to investigate a potential wealth of Varium on the planet of Kamparas and stumbled upon an ancient set of ruins. While drilling for some core samples, the team triggered a cave in, and was swallowed up by a great cavern underneath the ruins. Very intrigued by their discovery, Kurner's team spent hours upon hours studying what was hidden beneath the surface of Kamparas. They found such things as ancient texts written uncountable years prior describing rituals, ceremonies, and a great being named 'Kampar'.

Over the next several months, Kurner's team was able to decipher more of the texts revelling untold stories of the creation life itself. With this new found treasure trove of knowledge, the team couldn't wait to continue this new found path, thus restarting an Order long since buried. Seeing that this new path was a serious divergent from the path of a miner, Kurner stepped down from his post at Commerce Guild to devote more time to his friends and their new found faith in Kampar.


Over time, the Order grew to the point where cities were needed to house all it's followers, and thus the system itself blossomed into one of religious faith and study. From that point many followers of the Order of Kampar spread throughout the Galaxy building their own churches and temples, and thus the religion gained galactic recognition.

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