Headquarters of the Directorate of Imperial Intelligence.
From the Office of the Director. Marked for public release.

The Directorate of Imperial Intelligence has now officially ended the investigation into the death of Chief Warrant Officer Tnsumi Shine. The original report, filed by local Corellian authorities, marked his death as a hyper drive failure, ending suddenly and terribly entering Corell, the systems sun. Working with the telemetry data, and the information his ship was sending prior to the crash, we have discovered that Warrant Officer Shine, was in fact, in system, at least 30 standard minutes prior to the destruction of the craft. We have also determined, through the data at hand, that Tnsumi Shine, plotted a direct course into the Sun, in what can only be attributed to a lapse in his mental state. It was further discovered, that just prior to the incident, Warrant Officer Shine was in communication with at least three people. After an extensive interview process, we have confirmed through these witnesses, that Tnsumi Shine, had entered a terrible state of depression, and renounced his loyalties to his Emperor, and to the New Order, he then piloted his craft into the sun ending his life, and destroying valuable Imperial property. It is the opinion of DII that Tnsumi Shine acted in a manner not consistent with Imperial Standards, as well as in his final moments, declared his hatred for the Empire, and its leadership. Recent reports have surfaced, that a new Recruit, Rluso K Dark, recently promoted to the rank of Crewman First Class, was in fact Tnsumi Shine, these reports are nothing but rumours, aimed at causing mischief and confusion amongst the Imperial Ranks. Rluso K Dark, was an enemy of the State, and an NAO spy, he was dealt with swiftly On the Fifth of November. As of now, the investigation into Tnsumi Shine, is officially closed, and will not be repopend in the future. Long Live the Emperor, Long live the New Order.

Deputy Director Alexander Fel
Directorate of Imperial Intelligence

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