Deputy Director Zettai Kun of the New Anzat Order has escaped Imperial captivity, following a daring rescue effort. Despite Kun being held for several days, the Directorate of Imperial Intelligence proved unable to arrest, or even move him to a secure location.

Several weeks ago, whilst on mission, Deputy Director Kun was betrayed and trapped by a relative, Velislav Kun. Velislav proceed to sell his own kin to the Galactic Empire for a mere three million credits. However, despite the presence of the two Kun's at the Imperial stronghold of Kuat, Imperial authorities demonstrated a remarkable lack of haste. Sources within the Empire indicate that this delay was caused by the desire of Alexander Fel, a senior member of the Directorate of Imperial Intelligence and Ministry of Truth, to personally terminate Zettai Kun. Fel, however, was several days away from Kuat. Fel's superiors seemingly had no objection to his decision to put a personal vendetta ahead of efficiency, and proceeded to inform Velislav to wait.

Meanwhile, officers of the Anzatan Ministry of Security were scrambled to all major Imperial worlds, in order to search for Zettai. Demonstrating their incredible foresight, Imperial officials moved the Anzatan official to the least obvious place they could think of; the atmosphere of Coruscant.

Unsurprisingly, Zettai Kun was quickly found by a vessel under the command of Chancellor Wilhelm von Ismay. Reports from the field indicated he was slightly dehydrated, but otherwise unharmed. Despite the presence of the Super-class Star Destroyer 'Sovereign' and a number of lesser vessels, including the Interdictor 'Imperator', no effort was made to stop the Anzatan vessel escaping. Indeed, despite numerous Anzatan vessels being present in Imperial systems, none were so much as scanned by the Imperial Navy. In an open transmission to vessels around Coruscant, Count Ismay expressed his disgust for the Empire's attempts.

"Once again the 'mighty' Shadow Empire fails in its efforts to terminate friends of the Order. From right under your noses, Zettai Kun was snatched from his betrayer. This can be expected from Vodo's faltering reign."

In another announcement, whilst on Miram inspecting a construction project, Regent Owen von Ismay made a statement announcing the verdict of the trial of Mitzey Kaboose.

"The Selkath in question was formerly a member of the New Anzat Order. However, I regret to announce that greed overtook Kaboose. He defected from the New Order and by his own admission, intended to work for Isoldor Storm, a close associate and ally of Vodo Bonias. Minister Kir Jax has considered the case, and delivered a verdict of death by firing squad, for defection to the enemy during a time of war."

From the Office of the Regent Hacked by: Wilhelm von Ismay Faction: New Anzat Order Date: Year 7 Day 286 Location Unknown

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