“The Great Ewok, Kampar, created the first life on Kamparas - Ewoks.”

Nine robed figures are seated along a simple table, their faces obscured by the shadows of their hoods. A raspy yet authoritative voice from the figure at the center continues to recite the ancient scripture from memory,

“He wanted his children to grow and evolve by their own accord. However, as the millennia dragged on, his children failed to show the slightest signs of advancement...”

At each seat is a sacrament - the flesh of these men’s sacred creature. The meat is still on the bone, but barely, for this offering has been slowly smoked over a hickory flame, barbequed perfectly to the point where the meat is falling off the bone as if eagerly anticipating consumption by these pious men.

“Kampar's disappointment at their failure spawned in him a renewed desire to see his creations evolve. He spread variations of his original species throughout the galaxy, hoping that these new creations would one day evolve into more advanced species...”

The speaking figure removes his hood revealing his furry complexion. It is obviously Kurner Dah’tar.

“YOU are these advanced species. YOU are His creation!”

The remaining men reveal their recognizable faces from under their hoods: Horley Cyan, Gaaracca Bukazza, Dev Nul, Aran Dack, Kreuger Bane, Kloran, Solan Styx.

Oh, and Jadir Kazan is there too.

Raising their barbequed “sacrament” above their heads, they profess in unison,

“For Kampar, the Great Ewok!”

They dig in, for every bite reinforces their faith, making each tastier than the last. Before long, discarded bones litter the floor, faces and fingers are covered in sauces (napkins are for heretics).

“Join The Order of Kampar to save your soul,” Kurner exclaims. “Or for the ribs,” interjects Dack between licking his fingers.

They all nod vigorously in agreement and satisfaction.

Posted by: Gaaracca Bukazza Faction: The Order of Kampar Date: Year 7 Day 202 Onboard the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser Illicit Favours in system Kamparas (140, 210) on Year 7 Day 201 8:38.

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