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Echuu Shen-Jon

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Ryann Lhojugg

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Year 7 Day 247

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The Freeholders

The Freeholders, founded officially on Year 7 Day 247 by Echuu Shen-Jon and Ryann Lhojugg, serve the galaxy by offering Research and Development, Escorts, Personal Protection, GNS Posting, and much more. We offer a variety of our services at affordable costs, and we guarantee they are of the best quality. No matter the distance or time it will take, we will be there to accomplish the mission.

We strive to maintain our neutrality while at the same time offering our services to anyone and everyone in need. While other groups kill and murder their members we offer protection and safety for anyone in need. The Freeholders strive for honor and profit while serving the galaxy, no matter how difficult.

We know that knowledge will be the key to defending the future of everyone, and that we are the number one provider of that knowledge. If you are in need, and you want the best, you want us.


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