The angle of the camera zooms in from the darkness of space. Several small lights can be seen moving in the distance, coming closer at break-neck speeds. Each ship comes into view as either a YT-510 or YT-2000. As they fly by in a blur almost too fast for the human eye to see, the camera pans over to show Bill Wildstar standing, dressed in a tailor-made suit.

"Greetings to all. As you know who I am, I will not waste to much of your time. Many years ago Midge Cellewan started the celebrated racing event called the Kessel Run. Later, the race moved with him to the Corporate Sector, and was renamed the Corporate Run. Sadly, Midge has found himself far too busy leading CSA as its EXO to organize the run this year. But do not worry, race fans! During many holo-conferences with Midge, We agreed that we can not let this proud tradition lapse. The Corporate Run must go on."

"He has allowed me to organize this year's run, and it will be held on Year 8 Day 242 (Aug 17, 2007). The grand prize will be a Bayonet Light Cruiser, 2nd prize a Y-Head Corvette, and 3rd prize a YT-1300 with cargo ( PK, WA-7, RIC, BD-3000, CZ-3, SP-4, ASN-121, G2, Ship Greeter, Koro-2 Airspeeder). The entry fee is 500k per ship and pilot. To donate or to sign up for the race go to either the holo-site or the holo-forums.

"Thank you, good luck and good day" states Bill Wildstar

Corporate Run Website:

CSA Forum:

A1194 1821a-1

Posted by: Joseph Anthony
Faction: Silverhelm Entertainment Media Incorporated
Date: Year 8 Day 191
Onboard the CR-90 Assassin-class Corvette the spitter in system Knolstee (371, 360) on Year 8 Day 189 5:08.

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