The ColonyEdit

The Colony is an NFG, though it is sometimes criticized, of the Star Wars Combine Galaxy. It consists of many players who all want to colonize the galaxy.


Colony has a long and thoughtful history, but he are proud to say the idea was started as a lowly classified, but has become a magor movement among freelance factioners, and peopple in factions.

The Cyron RepublicEdit

In the beginning there was Brian. He was a humble player doing as he was told in his faction. But he wanted more. He wanted to lead a movement as so many did in tose days. So he wrote a classifieds. It was called the Cyron Republic. Nobody responded. But a humble man named Arian.

The Chommel RepublicEdit

The two began scouting out planets for the Republic to take place. Together they choose Chommel. An Orus Sector planet with one bare city. This city seemed a perfect place to build.

The ColonyEdit

The Chommel's add did nothing to gather members, instead it attracted "That's a stupid idea." messages. So, Arian, decided to change the name, so he could make a new add.
"The Colony" was born. With a new add members became flocking in. Directors and funders, like the Consul Jimmy Johnson and the holo-site founder Jyncs Tagoh.

The FFAEdit

The FFA was a Freedom Faction Alliance. It was created by the members of The Colony and AMS and the SS. At its height it was seven fully working factions.
It was destroyed by Bo Starrider, who wanted it structured.

Brian's FallEdit

Brian Starwalker fell from the graces of the colony when he tried to set up a new faction called the Fillian pirates, The Colony took away his power and is electing a new consul.


The Basic Structure is currently a biarchy dressed as a Republic, this is known by its members and many people are fine with it. The Colony is ready to go from dressed biarchy to naked Republic anytime. But not now.






Association for Mayagil Sovereignty
UIS Diversity Alliance

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