Terrence Voridian Thorne
alias: Darth/Lord Khaine
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28 years ago

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Blueish Grey

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Terrence Voridian Thorne has born on Kuat in the Kuat system. Terrence has one younger brother (Markus) and one sister (Katrine). At a very young age Terrence grew fond of the large capital ships. He could sit for hours looking up unto the sky and watch Ships and Capital ships arrive and depart from the Kuat Drive Yards and Repair Docks. He sat dreaming about how it must feel to be flying around outside the planet, commanding these vast vessels.

Both of Terrence's parents are loyal Imperials. His father works on one of the Repair dock as a Senior Manager. His mother are working in the Imperial administration on Kuat were she makes sure that the request for materials match the materials received and that like. Both his parents are still alive.

At an early age Terrence joined the Imperial Army. Although the Navy was where he wanted to go, he would like to get the feel of being the man on the ground first. So he spend some years within the Army so that he had an understanding on their motives when he later on joined up with the Imperial Navy. His brother Markus on the contrary joined up with the Navy first hand, believing that Terrence's decision was a dumb choice. His sister Katrine works in one of the Kuat Medical centres as an assistant Surgeon.

One thing separates Terrence from the normal Imperial because he does not hate the Rebellion. He believes that hating someone will often leads to that the wrong conclusion will be drawn due to this hate and resolve in the wrong decision being made at the wrong time. Having grown up with Imperial parents and growing up in the Imperial system had learnt Thorne to be decisive and demanding, talents he already possessed. But this just made them stronger.

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