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Teniel Djo is the leader of the Eidola Pirates, and the daughter of Keir Santage.

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Teniel Djo is considered to be one of the most influential people in the entire galaxy. She is strict yet graceful, aggressive yet tactical. Some say if you see her coming towards you that you are either very fortunate, or already dead. Her grasp seems to be limitless, her fear is non-existent. Her past... Somewhat of a mystery. Rumors are rumors and should stay hidden in the dirt. Only she can truly tell us of her endeavors. Of her life.

Anzatian by birth, it is assumed that Teniel Djo has lived for a very long time. Being an Anzati, her looks are preserved in her prime and never hint at the years she has walked with us. Though her birthplace and information of her childhood are shrouded in mystery. What is known is that her father was Keir Santage, supposedly the combine's first thief and once the leader of the Eidola Pirates. Her mother however still remains a mystery. It is well known that Anzati parents never name their children. So where she got her name is a mystery as well. Some believe that she was honored by some famous person, or perhaps she proclaimed herself a title one day. Others say that she was named for her mother. Such claims are unconfirmed though, and as such, should not be taken to heart.

An obvious enemy of the Galactic Empire, Djo strikes blows at them on a consistent basis. They deny her power, but it is impossible to ignore the threat Eidola has brought the Empire under her rule. She runs Eidola with an iron fist that finds itself in the side of the Empire on more than just a few occasions. She is what many are too timid to do. She is the true fight against the Empire's oppression. Though she is rumored to have ties to slavers, many speculate who is the better of two evils. Truth be told, politics will only ruin her image in the Galaxy. Despite the media bias, her legacy will live on forever as one of the most powerful women in the combine.

Who would have thought that a pirate could become so powerful? Grace, charm, strength and wit are just the baseline of this woman's skill. It is a credit to her achievements, and a testament to her performance as leader of Eidola.

May her reign never cease.

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