The system of Telti has been around for millions of years. The odd system structure has always been awkward for people traveling to the system. The system's capital of Telti is on the outskirts of the system, several hours away from any other planet. This has often posed a problem for settlers and many cities on the planets surface have been abandoned. Many people have come and gone from the system. People have left due to the awkwardness of the system, but gradually, gravity is pulling the planets closer together.

In recent times, most of the systems industry has been moved to the more conveniently located planet, Corhugorn, which boasts ample land for use by the population and is considerably larger then the water planet of the systems namesake, Telti.

Corhugorn is the chief factory world of the Dorinian Military Corps, holding the faction's capital and over half of its industry. It is speculated by most that the system will continue to grow as Dorinian builds more and more facilities to house its new population.

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