Tarynn Small
Tarynn El
Biographical information


Date of birth

Year 6 day 360

Physical description

½ Corellian/½ Hapan





Hair color


Eye color


Political information

Tarynn El was born on Corellia, and lived there most of his life with his mom, Yina El, and his foster father Grin Cho, who was a bounty hunter at the time. Tarynn always thought that Grin was his real father. He was never told otherwise. Later, while Tarynn worked in the New Anzat Order as Commanding Officer of the Anzatan Peoples Guard, 2nd Battalion, he learned that Grin was not his real father. His real father's name was Nim Turner. He was told so by the head of the Turner Family, Michael Turner, and was also welcomed into the family, even though his father, when he lived, was a drunk and a gambler. From that day and forth, he was known as Tarynn El Turner, a name he wore with pride.

Even later, when he felt, that he was wasting his time and effort in the New Anzat Order, he left the Order, turning his attention to the Galactic Empire. He joined them, having set his mind to serving a government that could fulfill his needs for discipline and organization.

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