Exclusive holofeeds obtained by the Galactic News Service show the last moments of Kara Tamerin's short life, and her unlikely Eidola executioner.

Former Kathol leader Squall Chitose is seen in the holovids attacking Kara Tamerin, who was a helpless prisoner held in his own ship's brig. He is thought to have been motivated by an extreme disdain for the Kun family into which Kara had married, as well as an Eidola promise to wipe both the Tamerin and Kun families out of the galaxy, one by one.

The following is a transcript of the security holofeed recording.

(Kara is seen sitting in her cell, writing furiously in a leatherbound journal or notebook)

(Squall Chitose enters)

Squall: "I've some bad news for you, sweets"

Kara: "Oh no, not...oh, really...please..."

Squall: "Prolly wanna think of some fancy last words or something now, you got about 70 seconds remaining before you slip none-too-peacefully into the netherworld.

Kara: "No! Please, just listen, I am an attractive, nubile and flirtatious female, you cannot possibly..."

Squall: ((loading a bowcaster bolt)) "Yup...well, you'll still be two out of three of those when I'm finished...plenty good enough for my tastes"

Kara: (throws her journal angrily at Squall and makes a dash for the cell door)


(Kara slumps to the ground, an unfortunate energy quarrel still sending quivers through her lifeless body)

(Squall walks over to the thrown journal, picks it up)

Squall: (reading the contents of the journal to the camera) "Dear Diary, today I was pompous and my Tamerin and Kun relatives were crazy. (turns page) Today I was felled by über-killer Chitose and never heard from again. It was the best day ever"

Hacked by: Teniel Djo

Faction: Eidola Pirates

Date: Year 7 Day 288

Location Unknown

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