Suntzu (October 1997 - November 1997) was the second Emperor of the Galaxy and the earliest known commander of the Imperial Navy. He is perhaps best known for the briefness of his reign, which lasted only one month. Before his ascension to the Imperial Throne, Suntzu was the Commander of the Imperial Navy and retained this position throughout his reign.


The leader of the Imperial Army, General Balsaraph, accused Vodo Bonias of forcing Emperor Suntzu to instate policies that favored the Imperial Navy. Balsaraph soon gained the support of former Emperor Drayson and created the Order of Darkness. This latter collective claimed that Suntzu was a puppet of Vodo Bonias. As these beliefs gained prevalence, Suntzu was viewed as weak by his subjects and forced to abdicate.

Suntzu was succeeded by Admiral Vodo Bonias.

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