Stros Clan Do'nau(Donau)
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145 cm

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Brown, Darker Brown

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Kathol Republic, Department of the Exterior, Political Office

Stros Donau Usually seen haunting bars and other establishments in his Fleet Uniform, or his Engineer's clothes, you can always tell Stros from another Bothan.

Early Years

Stros was born and raised on the planet Bothawui in the Both System. When he was growing up, he was raised by his father to be a ship's mechanic, and even managed to pick up some piloting tips from those that were waiting on his father to fix their ship for them. But, one day, when Stros was barely old enough to be a "teenager", his father took a contract for a GE pilot. While the pilot was waiting for Stros' father, he went to a local bar, and loaded up on cheap Bothan booze. In a fit of drunken rage, the pilot stormed back into Stros' father's shop, and shot the place all to hell, killing Stros' father. When his mother came in, the pilot turned to shoot her too, but, in the heat of the firefight, the pilot had shot a plasma conduit on his ship, and the shop, house, and all of the family possessions went up in a fiery inferno. None of the three survived.


After the accident in his father's shop, Stros was sent by his clan to the local Academy to learn the "trade" of his people. He spent the next 10 years of his life learning all that would be required of him to serve the Bothan Spy Net faithfully, efficiently, and secretly. But, as soon as he graduated, Stros volunteered for the NAO, and joined their Fleet, hoping for a chance to get back at the Empire for what they've done.

Naval Service

Stros' original posting was to the Home Guard Fleet of the NAO. It was during this time that he was given his first small command, that of a squadron of Pinooks to fly around defending the NAO's home system, and its people. While in the NAO fleet, he met a Geonosian name Settai Sul, and the two soon became friends. Eventually, Stros left his Pinook squad, and began to fly a DST around the galaxy, picking up recruits for the NAO. It was here that Stros rose up through the ranks, eventually becoming well-known enough to be promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Go to Twanton, and they will come.

Before too long, the NAO underwent some restructuring, and a new FleetCom was announced, on "Kirek" Antaria. He promoted Stros to Commander, then to Captain, and then to CO of the Twanton Defense Fleet. While in this role, he trained his XO, Marius Storn, for the eventuality of taking over as CO. It soon came to pass that this was necessary.

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