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Year 6 Day 40

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Starsign Shipyards

Starsign Shipyards is a ship production company and is currently led by Hilem Ordo. The faction was founded by Syn and produces the YV-666 capital ship, as well as the YT-510 and YT-2400 personal freighters.


Starsign Shipyards was created on Year 6 Day 10 from the personal funds of notable trader and middleman, Syn, and with the support of a number of individuals to whom the company extends its thanks, including (in alphabetical order): Drunkbacca Gould, Eric Jackson, Jakob Sensar, Jeric Sensar, Nom Nahk, Nyrat Odle, Phryss, Selatos Evazan, Tembre Fe`ll, and Tom Servo. The company was designed to provide the galaxy with a neutral and motivated ship production company willing to cater to other companies, governments, businesses, and individuals without bias. Headquartered in Sharingan City in the small sector of Rachuk, Starsign Shipyards strives to provide only the best service and products to the galaxy at reasonable costs.

On Year 8 Day 183, Starsign Shipyards was sold to the Trade Federation.


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