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Scott Asheville

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Year 6 Day 183

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StarSign Mining

Starsign Mining is a mining faction in the Star Wars Combine. As of Year 10, the faction is led by Scott Asheville.


  Starsign Mining was founded on Year 6 Day 183, by Tom Servo, the former head of transportation for Starsign Shipyards and long-time pilot for Galactic Salvage, Inc. The company was created with the purpose of supporting the ever increasing raw material needs of Starsign Shipyards, the ship production company owned and operated by the Nathran of the Falleen royal clan Huruk-Rah, and reputable trader, Captain Syn Becket-Fe`ll.

       Since then, the company has fulfilled its main goal, and a year after its founding was acquired by a private investor. Operating out of the Rishi system, Starsign Mining continues a tradition of excellence in raw material extraction. They currently provide resources and support for private ventures, as well as to the general public.       Right before Lucious Kylani disappeared, he gave the company to a private individual whom he trusted. The new owner took SSM to new heights, though not many public. Since then Starsign lept in sales though most of it's contracts have been sealed and unavailable to anyone. Not long ago, Starsign Mining suddenly dissolved and nothing has been heard of since. 

Until now...       

    As of (enter date opens officially here) Starsign Mining is officially open for business. SSM is also hiring for pilots and other individuals who want to join.      

Please direct all inquiries to Ja Rod via Darkness.

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