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Family HistoryEdit

The Sadow family has a long dark history lasting many millennia. Many refer to illustrious Dark Lord Naga Sadow, as the great forbearer of the title. In reality the family lay dormant for centuries, the early brethren on a constant quest for power and ultimately galactic domination. When the blood-line met the Sith blood-line is where the family began to acquire archived recognition. Naga Sadow was an entrepreneurial dark master, the first, and contentiously only full-blood Sith to exist in the Sadow family. In reality Naga was a son of Sadow, most of his paternal history lost from the archives. With his death came the death of the full-blood Sith bloodline within the family.

It is deducible that the great Sadow of the ancients, the ultimate forbearer, had a blood line that intermingled, way back toward the cosmic cataclysms and the concentric washing machine of stars and blasts that developed the galactic core known today. In reality the naissance of the Sadow family formed in the Unknown Regions many galactic circa before the consolidation of the core worlds. A time when planarity instability was a common occurrence, death was happenstance, a time long before lightsabers and a time where there was a lack of diversity between humanoids. A time when the Gand, Human, Kel Dor, Twi'lek and several other humanoid species were just beginning to move off to other star systems and form separate species. New species would develop for many eons to come. This was the time where the Sadow brethren moved across the galaxy to spread their seeds of conquest, power and magic throughout the galaxy.

Stealth was the way of the early brothers. Many choosing to hide themselves until an opportune moment to strike existed, then cashing in on the opportunity to bend the galaxy in their favour. Others would reveal themselves and become emperors, kings, leaders and rulers, tackling the galaxy full on. Some could harness the force, others could not. What seemed to be a common trend among the sons of Sadow however, is the notion that honesty and upfrontedness would come second to plans for achievement and galactic conquest. Resultantly many sons became deceitful, schemers, manipulators and ultimately murderers.

Sons/Daughters of SadowEdit

Aidon Sadow
Argon Arkanus
Kayza Sadow
Talus Kel-Sutra
Tyrath Sadow
Uzul Sadow

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