Sons and Daughters of Freedom
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Jefsa Ackmin

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Year 9 Day 123


Year 9

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Bounty Hunters Guild

The Sons and Daughters of Freedom was the head of the SDF Conglomerate created by Admiral Jesfa Ackmin after the old SDF independent group began to fall apart. The group was comprised of 7 factions all allied and or owned by SDF in an attempt to keep the close knit group together.


"In the beginning of the Clone Wars, in a time when the Republic was unwilling to deal with the Tyranny of the growing Separatist movement, and the growing Sith strength, the Sons and Daughters of Freedom were born. A vigilante fleet and army of the Republic's various defecting commanders and officers, the Freedom's Sons soon had the upwards of 200,000 members amongst their fleet and army and led mission after mission to hold a Republic together that wouldn't do it itself. Species after species, race after race, the SDF seemed to be able to unite the galaxies populations together like never before. Races that were opposed to each other joined up together to ensure that their worlds would remain safe, all i the name of Freedom.

Time and time again, the Sons and Daughters proved their worth, and as their victory count grew, so did their numbers as well as their notoriety. The Republic and Separatists both caled them pirates, and yet the SDF continued their strikes and defense of Republic planets. After a time the Republic eventually went to war and the Clone wars went into a full outbreak, the SDF were praised by the Republic and when the planet Praesitlyn, the communications capital, became sieged, the SDF came in full force to hold the enemy back until Republic forces could arrive.

Praesitlyn became the resting grounds for the Sons and Daughters of Freedom. Converging on the planet were well over a million Battle Droids, and a fleet of well over double what the SDF had managed to amass since it's creation. Fighting to the last man, the Sons and Daughters held Praesitlyn until the Republic arrived to reinforce them, but with a meager 300 men and only 4 ships remaining, the Freedom's Sons dissolved into the shadows, vowing to come back when the galaxy needed them most.

Now is that time...

Since the Battle of Praesitlyn, and the going into hiding of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom, the SDF had slowly been rebuilding. Gathering new members, picking up supplies, building companies as fronts for the group, and gathering information and intelligence; the SDF has been preparing for the worst.

Now as the Galactic Civil War escalates, we've once more come to protect those unable to protect themselves. Made up of dozens of races, hundreds of planets, the Sons and Daughters of Freedom will stop the tyranny and those who wish to stop freedom.

Freedom isn't free, but, we'll gladly pay the price."

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